The New BMW 5 Series. Interior Design Explained

5 Series | December 2nd, 2009 by 7

BMW’s official Youtube Channel continues to bring us footage related to the recently launched 2011 BMW 5 Series. Last week, we took a look at the exterior design of the new 5 Series, as explained by BMW’s Design Chief, Adrian van Hooydonk and Jacek Frohlich, Exterior Designer of new BMW 5 Series.

In the past BMW has been criticized by its advocates due to the less appealing interior design. Many consumers believed that BMW’s interior design and quality is inferior to some of its competitors, but the recent BMW models are slowly starting to change this  perception. The new 7 Series and shortly after, the 5 GT, have brought joy to the BMW fans by offering some of the most luxurious interior designs ever seen in a BMW, high quality materials, driver orientation and improved layout.

The new 5 Series follows the same path, sharing many of its interior design cues with the 5 Gran Turismo, but also with the 7 Series flagship. The interior designer of the new 5 Series is Oliver Heilmer, also responsible for the X5, X6 and 5 GT.

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