A new innovative feature makes its way onto our blog and we believe it’s über-cool. After months of brainstorming and always looking at new ways to improve our blog and implicitly, your reading experience, we’re happy to reveal our latest gimmick: Twitter integration across our content.

Okay, are you lost yet?

Don’t worry, we’ll make it all clear in a second. By now most of you have heard of Twitter (if you didn’t, turn on the TV once in a while), the new real-time phenomenon that can deliver news and information faster than light (I know, we’re exaggerating… a bit). So, we came up with a way to bring those news to you, but not just any news….news, information, references, buzz, reports, ALL about the BMW brand and their cars we came to love so much. But here is the catch…. not just from BMWBLOG, but rather from all the automotive publications out there, newspapers or just regular people.

More on this in a second….

Sure, some of you might already have a lot of questions by now, but before I open the floor for comments, allow me to share my vision on sharing automotive news.

twitter car content 655x512

Some articles on our website will be associated with content from Twitter, BMW related content of course. Basically, this is a way for you, our readers, to discover more content related to the articles you’re reading, but this new information comes from Twitter, so from other blogs/websites, including competitors. Yes, we have those too and we’re not afraid to send you to their articles as well.

Some may say this is crazy and an online media suicide, but the truth is that we want to guide you to great BMW news and information we might have read across the web and found useful or entertaining.

If we haven’t said this before, we’re going to say it now: we DO NOT have a monopoly on ideas and articles, and it is our duty to give our readers all the BMW news available out there, from ALL the publications on the web.

We’ll see how it goes from here and there are still some little things to tune, but I believe we’re on the right track and history will tell if we were right or not.

At the end of each article we believe it’s of high importance and more related news could be displayed along with it, we will add a “Twitter Opinions From Drivers” link. Simply clicking on that link will take you a Twitter page on our blog where you can see more related news, links and other BMW content. As we said earlier, some fine tuning is still undergoing and we plan on eliminating any spam we see.

twitter content 655x485

And here is the outcome:


Let’s try another one: Twitter opinions from drivers on the BMW M3

We hope you will all come to appreciate this unique feature and as always, we will have more things for you in the near future. If 2009 was a great year for all of us, in 2010, we’ll get to the next level and consolidate our position as one of the most important automobile online publications.

P.S. A quick story: when the new 5 Series launched, our server “got sick” for a few hours and we weren’t able to properly update you as the news came in, BUT still having access to Twitter and our twitter.com/bmwblog account, we were able to share with our followers all the new photos and videos we posted on Youtube or Facebook. So, it’s always a good idea to add us as your friend on all these social media platforms we use to deliver content.