BMW M3 Sedan in Laguna Seca color

BMW M3 | December 1st, 2009 by 13
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First Laguna Seca of the E9x M3 series were seen last year. It all began with an M3 Sedan featuring the Laguna Seca Individual color that came with a hefty price: $5,000. As we learned in the past, BMW only allows small number of M3’s to be custom painted every year.

The second M3 to show up on our radar was a Coupe model, picked up by another U.S. based customer for the same price tag as the previous sedan. Both cars were directly approved by BMW AG and the owners were proud to be one of the few people in the world to sport this gorgeous blue color on their new M3s.

Well, the Laguna Seca family has a new member today, but this time, across the ocean, all the way from Eastern Europe. A member of M5board posted some photos of the a gorgeous Laguna Seca painted M3 Sedan that was delivered to his dealership and once again, the WOW factor is back in our vocabulary.

Now the question some of you might be asking: is it really worth the $5,000 just to be special? Well, if money is no issue, absolutely, Laguna Seca is one of our top favorite colors on a BMW, along with Le Mans Blue.

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