We’re at the 5 Series launch: What do you want to know?

5-series | November 24th, 2009 by 35
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We’re proud to announce that we have been invited to the launch of the new 2011 BMW 5 Series. Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, …

We’re proud to announce that we have been invited to the launch of the new 2011 BMW 5 Series. Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, we won’t make it, BUT….along with BMWBLOG, our sister publication BimmerToday and the managing editor Benny, was invited to attend the same event.

So what does it mean? Well, you will be getting the same coverage you would have gotten from us, maybe even more this time since Benny has been living and breathing BMWs since its first child steps on German soil. He will provide you, our readers and our german readership, the latest information regarding the new 5 Series, more footage and of course, IRL photos. Oh, what’s IRL? In Real Life!!

Does that sound exciting? We hope so since we’re inviting you to ask, through us, any questions you might have regarding the new BMW 5 Series. Benny will be at the launch in just a few hours, so hurry up and shoot your questions in the comments field below.

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35 responses to “We’re at the 5 Series launch: What do you want to know?”

  1. Blaze1248 says:

    I saw on the pre-release photos, a small black dot on the upper right (in side profile) of the front wheel arches. Is the side cameras that are in the 7-series coming to the 5?

  2. andyffer says:

    the real world 0-60 time of the 550

  3. The front overhang seems to be much longer than on the previous 5 and the 3. Can you please measure it?

  4. John Hietter says:

    Any m body kit scheduled? Any details on the upcoming m5?

  5. badger says:

    starting prices?
    or will it stay the same

  6. John O'Brien says:

    MOurpatience has been rewarded! Our 2001 530i has been a fantastic vehicle and constantly receives very positive comments. My wife has not been a fan of the banglebutt 5;s; so we’ve waited for the 2011 model. In so many ways it was worth the wait! When are they arriving here in the USA?

  7. c.o says:

    is the 550i available with a manuell gearbox?

  8. lawrence says:

    The time for 0 -60 for the 535.

    I find the transmission of the 740 rough and will the 535 be smoother with the 8 gears?

  9. Giom says:

    Was it a concious decision by BMW to create a less controversial design for the 5 series sedan. Do they even view it as less controversial design?


    The car looks very good in photographs… was this also something they kept in mind during styling? (I ask this, because, it’s become commonplace to accept the fact that BMWs don’t look as good on paper as in real life.)


  10. Jack says:

    Hi. I would like to know why the interior of this new 5 is so similiar to the new 7 and 5 series GT ? Why hasn’t BMW created different interiors like it did for the previous 7, 5 & current 3 series ?

  11. Max says:

    What about M package & maybe something new about M5?

  12. nabil says:

    i would like to know if bmw has arranged different and larger measurments than the previous 5 series on its wheels (rims) what are the different styles of rims and are the m sports ones alredy designed?

  13. Beembo says:

    Ask them to exactly point out what design elements are different from the 3 and 7 series, why Audi’s design has more attitude than BMW now and why Audi is perceived by consumers as leading in design.
    Gray is the right colour for this car!

  14. framerate says:

    Are we going to get xDrive in the UK?

  15. ferrarifan says:

    i believe we didn’t get answers the last time you guys posted such (re: BMW X1)..

  16. anastasios says:


  17. Artmic says:

    Why did they not include a dual clutch transmission on the 5 ?

  18. Bob says:

    Who were the lead designers (exterior/interior)?

  19. ///-Game says:

    i like the car but i expected braver design…i guess cause of this photo i hoped that it would look like this:


    any chance? i swear i would buy one as soon as i could, but for f10 i´ll wait price to get low or interpetations from tuners…it just didn´t caused my heath beat faster or gave me tinglings…it looks like bmw but does not feel like one…at least for me…

  20. Al says:

    i too would like to know what plans bmw has for a dual clutch tranny and will it be limited to only the M5, or will a 535i and 550i get one.

  21. ARIS TSITRAS says:


  22. :p says:

    0-60 Time is probably 4.8 to 5.2 seconds for 550i. 535i about the same as the E60 535i. I hope the F10 M5 can defeat the Cadillac CTS-V 3.9 seconds

  23. tiberiu says:

    Does the eyebrows lit with the angeleyes? I can’t see from pics!

  24. viper says:

    I already know the answer the E class will kick 5ers ass , now u make the question

  25. L1ndja says:

    Will there be a manual gearbox offered in Europe ?

  26. :p says:

    Viper please wait till the results from Car and driver , Motor trend and all that before you make any of the Bias comments. E class is very good but we don’t know much about the new 5. I hope the 5xx isnt gona have the spinning Transmission thing like the E class and the new Jags.

  27. Nizer says:

    Why did they decide to go with such a conservative redesign rather than pushing the envelope a little?

  28. viper says:

    will there be a touring M5?…
    whens M5 coming?
    will the M6 have the same engine as the M5?
    will there be an 8sp trans.?
    is it gonna be the best M5 ever?

  29. :p says:

    No M5 Touring in the US. I doubt anyone here would buy it. Station Wagons left the US after the 80s and in place are the slow and boring Minivans, Instead you should make a 5GTM. a crossover making 1/4 mile in 11 seconds would sell very well.

    • One reason I’ve come to love station wagons, SUVs, vans and trucks. “Man, look at that slow grandma car that looks all pimped out, lets race it… OH GOD HE’S FAST AS #$%^.” It takes people by surprise and it’s great.

      I’d really love to have an M3 or M5 touring simply because nobody expects that family grocery getter to have 400HP plus.

      • :p says:

        But guys in the US like to keep there pride and buy sedans and coupes rather than a wagon. the M3 touring might get some buyers but the M5 is too large and doesnt look that nice when it comes to racing. What would realy suprise me is a 600hp honda minivan kicking a lambos butt. Now that would be something.

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