New information on the future BMW M1 and the “M1-like” model

Rumors | November 14th, 2009 by 13
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M1, no M1, this has been a game that we’ve been playing in the past two years. Initially, BMW ruled out the possibility of a …

M1, no M1, this has been a game that we’ve been playing in the past two years. Initially, BMW ruled out the possibility of a new M1 model, just to recently return with tidbits of information regarding a Motorsport vehicle based on the 1 Series.

Just recently, automobile publications around the world were opening their morning editions with “M1 is back in play” headline quoting sources close to BMW, along with some teaser information mentioned by Dr. Kay Segler in interviews.

The rumormill churns again around a future M1 model, but this time, the 135i Supersports, the car we’ve heard being mentioned before, takes the centerfold. The current BMW 1 Series Coupe, E82, will still be the base of an M1-like vehicle, a teaser for the BMW fans prior to the real M1 coming to the market in the redesigned 1 Series.

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The M1-like replica is in essence similar to the E46 BMW M3 CSL Concept, based on the current 135i Coupe, will differentiate itself from the standard model by adding upgraded performance parts. The vehicle will be limited to the Coupe body style and it uses lightweight materials: Carbon Fiber, for the roof, bootlid and bonnet, and lightweight glass. To further reduce the weight, the car will feature a stripped out interior.

Its name designation is yet to be decided, but BMW is looking into both the tii or Turbo badge, both relevant names to the history of BMW. Others names being considered are CSL and Licht Sport. The car will be powered by a tuned up version of the many times award winning 6 cylinder twin-turbo engine with around 330 horsepower.

For those of us waiting a real M1 car, BMW has something in works. Based on the next generation 1 Series F20 Coupe, the M1 model would debut in 2012-2013, and will use a four cylinder turbocharged engine.

We’re still treating these new information as rumors since a second source has not confirmed them, but with the recently increased chatter around the M1, we’re inclined to believe that something is in works.

As soon as we hear more, you’ll be the first to know.

13 responses to “New information on the future BMW M1 and the “M1-like” model”

  1. Vaybach Khan says:

    real m1? we all know which model is that,and has nothing with 1 series…..

  2. wazon8 says:

    Nice, BMW provides another car with M3 CSL spirit. Can’t wait on more details and wonder whether there will be essential changes in 35i engine.

  3. jack says:

    pls bmw.. i just bought a 09 135i m sport… damn bmw !!!! lol

  4. Doug says:

    They have a very confusing system of designations/nomenclature.

  5. lowstar says:

    They cant call it the m1. They will call it the 1m as in yhe x6m or the m135

  6. Bryce says:

    Licht Sport is German for “not coming to America”

  7. auday says:

    They already invested alot in the S65 engine R&D, and it’s used in M3s only, why dont they put it under the bonnet of the 1 series? They reused the S54 in 2 other different cars (M-Roadster/coupe both Z3 and Z4 based), and it makes more sense that a Light Sport, M, tti or whatever uses the S65 especially that it has the same weight of the N54.

    • Doug says:

      It seems as if the 1-series was designed to accomodate a 6, but really meant for a 4. Likewise the e90 3 accomodates a a V8 (probably because of the rs8) but really meant for a 6. I think they knew already knew they were going with much smaller engines, but allowed for large engines in the meantime to compete with audi and merc.

      It’s curious that the 1-series doesn’t offer AWD– there probably isn’t room in the bay for it, at least with current engines. The M3 doesn’t have it etiher, and although it would be of limited value for a track car, you could never fit it under the engine anyway.

      • auday says:

        I’m all for smaller high revving engines, I just want an M engine instead of the Turbo. I was actually hoping theywould continue the S54 with the 1M before the S65 was announed, but the 1 series M never happend

  8. cheitz47 says:

    This sounds like the 135 with BMW performance upgrades out of the catalog, nothing new.

    • adc says:

      The BMW performance catalog doesn’t offer fender flares, CF roof, CF trunk etc. nor lightweight glass, I’m afraid. Plus, when buying items from the Performance Catalog you are basically throwing away the cost of the original parts.

      begin dream

      I would trade my M3 in for something like this, if they kept the rear seats in. And if they brought it to the US.

      /end dream

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