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F10M5 Jonsibal 750x500

Based on spy photos, our friend Jon Sibal/Leftlanenews is back with another rendering of the 2012 BMW M5. While the new 5 Series Sedan is …

Based on spy photos, our friend Jon Sibal/Leftlanenews is back with another rendering of the 2012 BMW M5. While the new 5 Series Sedan is days away from its official unveiling, the next generation M5 super sedan is due to launch in 2011 as a MY12 model.

The 2012 BMW M5 rendered below features the M-style front-fascia with larger, aggressive air intakes and of course, the now branded “M” fender vents. The rendering also features M-style wheels, very aggressive and quite stunning.

The next generation BMW M5 is one of the most  highly awaited Ms ever released by BMW. Using for the first time a turbocharged engine, the F10 M5 moves away from the naturally aspirated engines seen in the past and will use some of the latest technological advancements in the automotive industry.

F10M5 Jonsibal 654x491BMW’s use of new technology and even a KERS system will put the new M5 ahead of the current model, both in performance and fuel efficiency. BMW Motorsport estimates a 20% cut in CO2 emissions.

There is still some sort of mystery around the turbo engine used. Based on our sources’ reports and what other magazines reported, a V8 twin-turbo engine is the powerplant of choice in the new F10 M5. Output? Unknown, but we expect higher than the 555 ponies outputted by the X5 M and X6 M. BMW hins that the V8’s highest output should come before 6,000 rpm.

With a car growing in size, a new large engine, M5’s weight concerns are being addressed by using plenty of carbon fiber design elements. The newly unveiled wind tunnel in Munich will play an important role in the aerodynamics of the new M5. Sources close to the company state that the car will get Active Aerodynamics, which blanks off parts of the grille and cooling intakes during warm-up and under light throttle load.

The F10 BMW M5 will launch a year after the regular 5 Series models and the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show could be the perfect venue.

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20 responses to “Rendering: 2012 BMW M5”

  1. auday says:

    I have the feeling this will be the most beautiful M5 ever, …. just wish that there is a real High-rev V10 NA M-Engine beating in its chest.

  2. dennis says:


  3. Bryce says:

    I’d drive that. For an M model I would also expect a black carbon-fibre roof like the current M3. Also, in the spy photos it looks like the engine bay will be accessible through a smaller opening; like on the chevy malibu and camaro. I think the are of the hood that opens won’t extend all the way to the headlights.

  4. efoza says:

    sorry to spoil your fun but this is actually the pic of one of the M3 designs which is currently being discussed. The next M5 will not look anything like this. so don’t be fooled.

  5. oney says:

    Efoza-Don’t be so smart and check this link :

  6. Incredible. If only though :(

  7. Frederico Silva says:

    this picture is ‘based’ in this photo

  8. lowstar says:

    For those who moan about turbo’s in BMW ,brush up on your history.
    2002 TURBO the first european production car to get a turbo.The first car to wear the m colours The only reason why BMW ditched turbo’s was because of lag.
    Also Bmw has won a F1 championship with 1500cc inline 4 turbo.
    So turbo’s have played a part in BMW history
    BMW needs to use turbo’s because they are more efficient, and if they dont cut the average co2 they emit they will face big fines from the EU,
    Now BMW have all but got rid the lag the skys the limt.
    Dont forget BMW started of just making engines. this is what they do best
    Just look at the engine in the x5/x6 m
    In BMW we trust.

    • L1ndja says:

      I trust but they sound like shit in the X5 M/X6 M…The Inline 6 with turbo’s sounds like a real beauty but the V8 tt sounds like shit

  9. Andrew says:

    wow, I could climb into the front fascia and take a nap its so tail and wide.

  10. Babken says:

    M5 rules the world! Looking forward to the unveiling.

  11. Stratus650 says:

    Thank you JONSIBAL, simply fantastic !

    This M5 is gonna look really mean

  12. wazon8 says:

    Amazing car, looks really, really good!!!

  13. Black740 says:

    WOW ! Absolutely amazing !

  14. John Pham says:

    It is going to rape, like badly…. BMW is Germany’s next best track performance brand behind Porsche, so things like CTS-V….goood byeeee…

  15. viper says:

    ok my guess is that this is about 60% true…..the engine 4.4 V8 around 560 to 590hp , I strongly belive the <600Hp rule…just think a 100hp more than previous M5 is just insane for bmw , bmw dont make radical changes like that….like some….
    4.4 seconds to 100 and 335max….thats it

  16. chris says:

    they have to put a carbon roof like the m3 and the same bonnett then it will look the nuts

  17. :p says:

    Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, the last Naturaly Aspirated supersedan.

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