Tata Plans 25,000 Jaguar XJs a Year, Challenging BMW

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Ever since its official launch last year, the new BMW 7 Series has been considered the leader in its market segment. Along with a new, …

Ever since its official launch last year, the new BMW 7 Series has been considered the leader in its market segment. Along with a new, revamped design, the new 7er brought out several innovations and showcased impressive technologies.

In a car segment very important for all luxury car makers, BMW faces fierce competition and among the traditional competitors, Mercedes, Lexus or Audi, Jaguar is looking to challenge the 7 as well.

Recently acquired by India based company, Tata Motors, Jaguar plans to build as many as 25,000 XJ models annually.

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The new Jaguar XJ sedan will be built at the company’s Castle Bromwich, England, factory. The entry level model will start at $72,000, but it can cost as much as $115,000 with all available options added.

As expected, the U.S. market is the main target where BMW has reported impressive sales numbers in the past 10 years. Through October, Jaguar sold only 1,082 XJ models in the U.S., almost 50% down compared to last year’s numbers.

With a newer design and a new approach, it remains to be seen if Jaguar will succeed in “stealing” some of BMW’s 7 Series customers, especially since the new model has been well received by the consumers and highly appreciated by the auto media.

20 responses to “Tata Plans 25,000 Jaguar XJs a Year, Challenging BMW”

  1. Alex says:

    now that jag is awesome…bmw is behind this time…

  2. KidrauhlM5 says:

    That Jaguar looks very beautiful!!! But not at the back unfortunately…

    Anyway, if I ever have a chance to buy one of these, I would certainly go for the BMW… I think the cost for the Jaguar is too much…

  3. Beembo says:

    Jaguar can make it if they focus on Asia instead of the US… BMW would be wise to invest properly in emerging markets rather than betting again on the States.

  4. joe says:

    i love BMW s but when it comes to designing Jag XJ is better. i hope the new 5 series can match Jag XF. looking forward to 23rd of Nov.

  5. james says:

    This time the jag is absolutely ” gorgeous” !! The interior is just perfect, God bless Ian Cullum and his team

  6. Elgee says:

    This Jag xj is just ugly, the design of the xf is way better. I’ll choose the 7!

  7. Ryan Temple says:

    Are you serious? Sure, the Jag looks beautiful. But their resale value is poor. Unless you change your car often, stick with a BMW.

  8. whitby says:

    I am a long time BMW owner (I have owned them for at least 20 years) I have just traded a 2007 5 series for an 2010 Jaguar XF since I could not wait for the new 5 series. The car drives well and looks superb but the quality is suspect. I still own a Z4 Coupe (in my opinion one of the best looking BMWs ever). BMW have always designed superb drivers cars but their exterior appearance has always been, in my opinion, dowdy at best and highly controversial at the worst. I believe that if Jag can get their quality to match that of BMW they will become a true BMW competitor. This XJ is, in my opinion a much better looking car than the new 7 series. The 7 series is superbly engineered and drives exceedingly well but looks extremely ordinary and boring, certainly not a car for attracting any attention (as I found out when I drove one around for a few days) and not one that costs as much as it does. Cars have to be a combination of many things and BMW tend to satisfy only one of those attributes, driver feel. I was intrigued that a couple of years ago the UK TV car show Top Gear voted the 3 series the most boring car of the year (the Bugatti Veyron won the least boring car of the year award). The 3 series is a great drivers car but oh so boring to look at and has almost zero “road presence” (why do you think that there are so many add on appearance kits for the 3 series). All very subjective I admit but this is a reputation that BMW has had to fight for many years. We will see how it all pans out in time, after all, good looking cars are no good without all the other driver attributes as well either.

  9. Lance says:

    The Jag is so much better looking than the 7 Series. It looks more extraordinary and looks much classier and more expensive than the 7 series. The rear end of the 7 Series is a complete smudged mess! Look at that picture!

    Based on looks alone, the 7 is way behind. They need to wake up!

  10. 100$ GUY says:

    Good looking car, but the back end is hideous and too much peugeout/citroen.

  11. efoza says:

    looks are not everything. the biggest problem for Jag is that in reality it is a Ford and thus a rubbish car on the road for those who are looking for real posh trips. stick to the 7 series and if you really must but a S class Merc but stay well clear of this Ford with a fancy look.

  12. Saleem says:

    The new 5 is it ! the new 7 is nice thought not a fan of the tail lights perhaps wit will grow on me. The new XJ is gorgeous though not a fan of the tail lights. I believe Ford should have stuck with the tail lights they stole from Aston marting for the XF rather than trying to mimick Maseratti for this one. The Jag interior is world class.

  13. nick says:

    tata, good job with the front headlights, after all when driving, other drivers will only see the front end in the mirror!!!!!

  14. Both cars are avesome, but BMW’s technology is more advanced, better, and remember – BMW had no problems with global crysis, and Jas belongs to Tata motors – it means something ;)

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