Who said electric cars can’t be fast?

Videos | November 7th, 2009 by 4

An oldie, but goodie…our friend Doug sent us a video that was released late last year and which reveals the power that could come out of an electric car. How is this relevant to BMW vehicles? Well, it shows that electric vehicles have a future and what John Whelen has experienced behind his 1972 electric Datsun…we did too, back at the L.A Auto Show in 2008 when we drove the MINI E. That torque that comes from 0 rpm is just impressive…

Also, at one point in the video, an E46 BMW M3 takes on the electric Datsun at a race track…..the result? See for yourself!

“Watch as John Whelen’s electric car, the White Zombie leaves high powered gas cars in the dust as Portland makes a home for the National Electric Drag Racing Association. John claims that his car is the world’s fastest accelerating street legal electric car. See this 1972 Datsun time and time again take advantage of the electric motor’s full torque in the first instant and continue to break world records.”