BMW has released a new BMW TV app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It’s available for free at the App Store.

The international video platform BMW TV provides contributions for every field of the premium automobile manufacturer and offers a unique brand experience: The opportunity to stream the latest videos from the BMW TV platform, a video wall with an interactive interface and also the possibility to filter its content according to various criteria. Just start your requested video easily with your fingertip und bookmark interesting videos.

All videos selected from a certain category are displayed one after another and without interruption. Thus you are not only able to enjoy your favorite videos in full length and high quality, but to tell your friends via social media or email about this feature.

BMW TV iPhone 4 655x436Main features:
• A wide range of the latest videos and contributions from diverse BMW TV platform fields
• Video streaming in full length and high quality
• A video wall with the option to filter videos according to various criteria
• Quick access to related content
• Starting the next video during the ongoing program
• Selected videos from a certain category are displayed without interruption and one after another
• Option to commend on the video contributions and to recommend them to friends