This week, BMW Motorsport celebrates 25 years since the first BMW M5. In an event hosted at the Nurburgring racetrack, a group of selected journalists had the opportunity to explore the history of the M5, past, new and unreleased models.

Yesterday, we briefly took a look at the BMW M5 E34 Convertible, the only M5 cabrio ever considered for production, a car that was nixed just days prior to the Geneva Motor Show. Then we moved onto the M5 E39 Touring, another motorsport 5er that came close to being launched on the market.

To top off the event, an one-off model, M5 E60, was revealed for the first time. Dubbed “CSL” by many journalists, the “special” M5 is an upgraded version of the current M5, featuring more horsepower, larger engine capacity and other mechanical/electronic upgrades.

Benny, the editor behind BimmerToday, received a first hand experience the event and drive some cool cars. Along with the multiple official photos, BMW also released a commemorative video. Be aware, no English subtitles in this one, but the footage should make up for the language barrier…for some of us.