We’re a few days into our BMW X5 M road test and we would like to take the time to share with you some of our findings, along with a few great photos. Ever since we tested on track the other twin, BMW X6 M, we’ve said that with the X5 M will focus mostly on daily driving, using the car in different scenarios, from a family car to an enthusiast vehicle at night or in the weekends. To complete the scenario, we’ve done a lap around the track also, just so we can satisfy your hunger for cool in-motion photos.

Evaluating a vehicle can be sometimes instinctual and subjective, each one of us have different needs, expectations and preferences, but we would like to believe we’re maintaining that objective approach. Since we’ve already tested all the current M models, we have a well defined idea of what to expect from an M car: stability, speed, dynamics, handling, thrill and last but not least, safety.

Driving a 555 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque SAV brings new emotions, on one hand, you’re getting the safety and stability from a massive all-wheel drive Sports Activity Vehicle and on the other hand, the power of “real Motorsport” car, a power that along with the exhaust sound turned many heads when we decided to push it a little.

DSC 01861 r 655x428

Pushing the X5 M might not be the best choice of wording since we haven’t even achieved half of its potential while cruising down the highway. The car can and will do more if given the chance and its true potential is unleashed when the large wheels hit the track ground, as we’ve seen with the X6 M.  With very limited turbo lag, almost non-existent due to the twin-scroll technology, the X5 M takes you above speed limits within moments and we found ourselves looking at the speedometer or Head-Up Display more than usual.

The Adaptive Drive system is also a beauty and its capability to alters damper resistance according to the conditions and speed is just what you need when driving in different scenarios. But let’s not forget the X5 M’s xDrive system with its rear-wheel-bias that will satisfy even the most performance-hungry M owners.

That’s all we have for now, but our road test continues and we will share all the findings with you, both positive and negative, if needed.