Column: Remember Your First Love?

Interesting | October 21st, 2009 by 31
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Have you ever thought about the first time you fell in love head over heals with a BMW? I’m sure it doesn’t take much for …

Have you ever thought about the first time you fell in love head over heals with a BMW? I’m sure it doesn’t take much for you to think back and reminisce. Whether you own one now, have owned one in the past or plan on owning one in the near future there has been a definitive moment when you saw a particular model BMW, old or new,… sighed and said “Wow, that is one gorgeous car…. I love BMWs!”

It impacted you so much, left such an impression on you that it drew the feeling of immediate affection for the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and implanted that image, or situation, in your head up until this day. Every time you see that particular model on the road it does a certain something to you. It draws your attention, gets your palms sweaty, manifestation and fantasy draw you far away from reality and it makes you think back “Ahhh I should have pulled the trigger!”

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For me it was back when I was in high school and I remember it vividly! I mean prior to this moment I’ve always loved cars and recognized BMWs as a great car, a drivers car and something of a rare breed but this moment… this very moment is when I fell in love with Bimmers. A friend of mine in a surrounding town would talk about his brothers car over and over. “Yea this thing is wicked fast…. He put an Alpine TV/head unit in it….. Light tints… H.I.D’s… Sweet sound system…..” His brother was much older than us so obviously he wasn’t going to hang out with high school kids! But on one glorious night his brother let him take the car out….

We we’re hanging out in a parking lot, as typical highschoolers who have nothing better to do, and in the parking lot rolls exactly the car he had always spoken of. I did a double take….the paint shined in the overhead halogen lights of the parking lot, time slowed to a creeping pause as he got out and grinned…..  I was in disbelief!

The car was an Estoril Blue E36 M3 coupe. My jaw dropped as I walked around the car and took in the beauty that was this autobahn burner. I open the door and see the gorgeous pantone process blue, pantone purple and pantone warm red M stitching on the seats…. the Alpine headunit glowing, the M logos on the mats…. it was gorgeous. As I shut the door and stand back I asked, “Did he drop it too?” My friend replied, “Nope, sitting stock.” I was in disbelief that something could come from the factory with such an aggressive stance, such fit and finish. The car was parked and it looked like it was going 120mph, I fell in love!

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From that moment on, every time I see an E36 M3 in Estoril Blue it grabs me by the ears and yells directly into them with the sound of  240 hp coming from a 3.2 liter inline 6 and begs for my attention. That was my defining moment when I fell in love with BMWs and everything the brand stands for. I’m sure there are many of you out there who have had a very similar moment in time where a BMW has stolen your heart so lets hear it! Share your moment in the comments section.

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