Video with the rumored BMW M3 GT4 street-version

Videos | October 18th, 2009 by 5

A new video from the famous Nurburgring track fuels the rumors of a BMW M3 GT4 street-version model or as some people call it, a CSL-like M3. Despite the excitement seen in the BMW community, we’re still reluctant to name this M3 a GT4 or CSL. So far, there has been no indication that BMW is planning on releasing a similar vehicle, on the contrary, several old reports from the company stated that no CSL M3 will be built on the current E9x platform.

Sure, some early reports based on spy photos came afloat in July 2008, but since then, the allegedly M3 CSL prototype disappear of the radar.

As seen in the previous spy shots released earlier in the week, this M3 sports some racing elements: front bumper with larger air intakes, new wheels and a huge rear spoiler.

Now to make things even more confusing, judging by the license plate, similar to the thousands of them seen on other test mules, this M3 seems to be registered by BMW. There is also a report on M3post from the person responsible for this video, stating that the M3 was spotted during a manufacturer testing session at Nurburgring.

Confused much? Yes, we are also, but if indeed this M3 is a GT4 or CSL prototype, we’ll hear more about in the next months.

[Source: M3post ]