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If our sources are correct, we’re weeks away from the unveiling of the first official photos of 2011 BMW 5 Series.  In the mean time, …

If our sources are correct, we’re weeks away from the unveiling of the first official photos of 2011 BMW 5 Series.  In the mean time, 5 Series test mules continue testing across Europe.

The photos shown below were spotted in Germany and Austria, including some shots from the car doing the ‘Ring track. If most of the spy photos we’ve seen where giving us the 5er in a dark silver color, these latest ones show us the new 5 in the Milano Beige color.

The 2011 BMW 5 Series subject has been reported by us many times, but for those of you that are new to the blog, let’s do another quick recap.

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BMW will revise the term much used in past success “Die neue Klasse” to welcome its new F10 5er the 6th generation model of the highly successful and important mid class sedan.

The new 5er will of course replace the successful and avantgarde looking E60 series of the BMW 5er and will be an all new car from the ground up although with the advent of the BMW 5er Gran Turismo although a member of the same family on the exterior surface there are few areas shared with the 5er . Door Mirrors , side indicator lights and door handles are the relatively evident components identified between the 5er and the 5er Gran Turismo.

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Every body panel is unique to the 5er as BMW claim the 5er Gran Turismo is a stand alone premium concept. The new  design idea was to built a car that looks expensive, but more modern and proportionate than a typical mid segment sedan.

The low roofline and short overhangs are typical of this approach and in general the car is evenly proportioned with a wider track to accommodate larger wheelarches which was a visual problem with the E60 when run on 16″ or 17″ wheels because it made the car look heavy which meant to have the car looking perfect the optional 18″ wheels had to be applied to show the proportions of the modern appearance of the E60.

The more dynamic styling expresses an intent to disguise the heavy look seen in a mid segment sedan, the wider track also helped integrating a wider twin kidney grille.

The new BMW 5 Series grows a few inches both in length and width, but one of BMW’s goals was to keep the car at the current weight levels. To achieve this, extensive aluminum in the exterior panels have been used.


Body shells and platforms can be made lighter and stronger using this new process. Additional areas of the car, such as water pumps, transmission cases and suspension mounts have also been made out of lighter materials, and  the new car retains the typical BMW 50/50 weight distribution.

Efficient Dynamics will be highly featured in the next generation 5 Series with the usual features, now taken for granted. New  efficiency features will also include specially designed aerodynamic wheels.

In light of future legislation, BMW have been working Active Hybrid model as well using the same “mild” hybrid technology as the 7er. The Active Hybrid 5 and the  the Active Hybrid 5d, will use the same system as the Active Hybrid X6, but will replace the V8 for a 3.0 liter diesel engine.

Both cars are rumored to make their debut at Geneva Motor Show in 2010.

[Photos: CarEnthusiast | SecretNewCars ]

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