As seen on eBay: BMW Z3 with hot rod blower

Others | October 13th, 2009 by 16

I thought I’ve seen it all, but apparently, not even close…An eBay listing surfaced a few days ago and it’s, let’s just say, interesting, if not odd.

A BMW owner listed his 1997 BMW Z3 for sale, 1,000 miles and Buy It Now price set at $20,000. You’re probably saying nothing unusual so far, but wait, the story gets way better.

His/hers Z3 is not just any Z roadster – we see these every day and still enjoy the early BMW Z roadster look- but rather a heavily modified one in an “unique” way.

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The owner replaced the motor with a small block Chevy crate motor and to top it off, he added a 471 GM blower, a Predator carburetor with an an Iroc 5-speed manual T10 transmission. Okay, he lost me at the the small block Chevy crate, but let’s go with the flow.

The owner also mentions that it has an MSD ignition along with an MSD distributor.

He/she already agrees that the car is a head-turner (not sure if in a positive way) and has heard plenty of comments so far:

“This car gets incredible attention- out favorite 2 comments about this car 1) a German man telling us “what a waste!” 2) engineered in Germany, perfected in the USA.”

Well, I’m speechless at the moment, but if you have anything to add, let us know.

Check out the eBay listing here.