What are your 10 favorite BMWs of all time?

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Not an easy question, I know. There were so many great BMWs built in the last 50 years or so, that choosing a few selected …

Not an easy question, I know. There were so many great BMWs built in the last 50 years or so, that choosing a few selected ones can be a difficult task. While I was browsing today through the new BMWs photo galleries, I couldn’t kept thinking about some of the classic models that Ive encountered over the years and…fell in love with quite a few of them.

We all love evolution and seeing how the cars progress over the years is fascinating, but that doesn’t stop us, the bimmer fans, to looking back and be sentimental over some BMWs we’ve owned or at least driven.

So, let’s make this exercise fun. I will start with my 10 favorite BMWs of all time, in no particular order, and then you will have the floor to express your opinion in the comments below. After a few days, I will go back and compile a list of the bimmers you mentioned in your comments and I will include them in the article.

2003 BMW M3 CSL

bmw m3 csl 11 655x491

BMW 8 Series E31

bmw 8 series e31 655x491

BMW M5 E34


BMW 2002tii




BMW M3 E30



BMW M1 favorite BMW

BMW M3 E92




Alpina B7


Okay, so I’ve cheated a little bit with this last one, Alpina B7, but I still think it’s one of the best looking 7er out there. So this is my list, now let’s see yours…..

52 responses to “What are your 10 favorite BMWs of all time?”

  1. Auday says:


    E30 M3
    E26 M1
    E46 M3
    E46 M3CSL
    E31 850csi

    • Flomx5 says:

      We speak about BMW or Motorsport ?

      In the top of BMW’s car, we found

      2002 Turbo
      3.0 CSL
      E28 M535i
      E21 323i
      E30 325i
      636 CSI
      850 CSI
      X5 4.8 is
      E82 135 i

  2. Not in order
    1. E46 M3 CSL
    2. E30 M3
    3. E24 M635CSi
    4. BMW 328 (from 1940s)
    7. 3.0 CSL (the bat mobile)

  3. 1. 2010 BMW M6 Limited
    2. ALPINA B6 S
    3. BMW M3 E92
    4. 2003 BMW M3 CSL
    5. BMW 850 CSi
    6. ALPINA B12 5.7 E31
    7. 2008 BMW M5
    8. BMW M1
    9. M 635CSi E24
    10. Z8

  4. Ralph says:

    1. E46 M3 CSL
    2. E30 M3 EVO 3
    3. E90 335i LCI PERFORMANCE
    4. E28 5-series
    5. E26 M1
    6. E92 M3
    7. E31 8-series
    8. E39 M5
    9. E64 6-series
    10. E89 135i

  5. Matt Stokes says:

    In no particular order

    E38 740i Sport
    E30 M3 Sport Evo
    E24 635CSi (Early, w/ chrome wrap-around bumpers)
    E60 M5
    E31 850CSi
    Z8 Roadster
    Alpina E28 B9 (gotta have full Alpina striping!)
    E89 135i (w/ BMW performance parts)
    E71 X6M
    2002 Turbo (gotta be white!)

  6. Bartek S says:

    Z8 Roadster
    E60 M5
    E92 M3
    2002 tii
    E24 M6
    E89 135i
    E39 M5
    BMW M3 CSL
    BMW 3.0 CSL

  7. viper says:

    E31 or 850csi
    M5 2002

  8. Marius says:

    E38 750
    E34 M5
    E39 M5
    E30 M3
    E31 850 CSI
    E46 M3
    E24 M6
    F02 760 LI

  9. ralph says:

    E88 135 not e89 *


    BMW E38, just perfect!

  11. Vaybach Khan says:

    thats same like you asked me whats your favorite 10 songs of all time…there so much songs…im the one of those who like all bimmers…and every model has something which is special for me..but lets try with bmws that i was amazed at first glance ..

    1.bmw z3 coupe
    2.bmw.850 csi(m8)
    3.bmw 6 series (e63)
    4.bmw 5 series (e60)
    5.bmw 5 series (e39)
    6.bmw cs (e9)
    7.bmw 3 series (e30)
    8.bmw 1 series (e87)
    9.bmw 7 series (e32)
    10.bmw m3 sedan (e90)

    • skale bgd says:

      M8 don’t exist. only one is a concept and is in museum. * CSI is not M because he is heavyer. he is more granturismo then sport car. same is with “m7” goldfish with V16..

  12. Miguel says:

    1. 850 Csi
    2. 2002 M Coupe
    3. M3 E92 (got 1!)
    4. M6 E64
    5. M5 E60
    6. 135i E81
    7. 320 E21
    8. M3 CSL E46
    9. Z8

  13. Babken says:

    BMW is not a mercedes to have only one great model (s-class). All BMWs are distinct masterpieces, the best cars in their respective segment.
    To me, the greatest automobile in the world is BMW M5, no matter what generation.

  14. adrian says:


  15. 1. M3 E30 Sport Evolution in red
    2. M3 E46 CSL in black
    3. M3 E90 in white
    4. M3 E92 in white

  16. Uxel says:

    5 series E60/61
    5 series E34
    M3 E30
    M3 CSL E46
    5 series E39
    5 series E28
    1 series coupé
    X5 E53

  17. Uxel says:

    +6 series E24 :)

  18. badger says:

    M3 Sedan E92
    M5 E34
    740 Li E38
    Z4 E89
    850i E31
    335i convertible
    X5 4.8i E70

  19. Elio says:

    If you can cheat so can I.

    1. Alpina B6 3.5 – My dad had one in the early nineties and it was the finest sporting E30 ever produced.
    2. E30 BMW M3 – It comes a close second.
    3. BMW M1 – Even today it looks stunning.
    4. E60 BMW M5 – What right did they have to produce such a highly strung V10 engine and stick it in a saloon? Amazing sound, amazing performance and makes you feel a million dollars.
    5. E64 BMW M6 – The same as above but in a much slicker shape. However it loses the credibility of an engine being in a four door saloon.
    6. BMW 2002 Turbo – The car which made BMW what it is today.
    7. E31 BMW 840CI – Yes the 850CSI was a detuned M8 but the 840CI was a better package. The 8 Series was the first car where I noticed people would stop and bow.
    8. BMW Z1 – Those doors.
    9. BMW Z8 – Beautiful Mr. Fisker, beautiful. Such a shame it didn’t drive like it was meant to but it’s beautiful. The Alfa 8C is the modern day equivalent.
    10. E32 BMW 7 Series – The whole series because I have great memories of various different models in the range. The 750il was the biggest engine I could get close to without having to search for a Ferrari and the 730i because we bought one about 10 years ago as a runabout and drove it from England to Southern Spain and I will never forget the comfort as it stormed through the Spanish motorways at up to 140 mph.

    That’s my 10 and a very personal 10.

  20. Morten says:

    Not an easy task, but I will do my best.
    M5 E60
    M5 E39
    M5 E34
    750i Sport E38 – So beautiful with those double-spoke M wheels
    760i F01
    850 CSi
    M3 CSL E46
    M3 E90 – I prefer the saloon
    3.0 CSL

  21. wazon says:

    M5 E60
    M3 E92
    M3 E46 CSL
    3.0 CSL (my favourite classic, I’m thinking seriously about buying 3000CS – 200hp version)
    6-er E63
    2000 CS
    M5 E34

    Hard to say which car I would pick as no.1 although it would be among M5 E60, M3 E92 and M3 E46 CSL.

  22. Victor says:

    1. 2010 BMW M6 Limited
    2. ALPINA B6 S

  23. Tiago Santos says:

    Bmw 600
    2002 Turbo
    E30 M3
    E30 325i Cabrio
    E46 M3 CSL
    E92 M3
    E39 M5
    E24 M6

  24. Jorge says:

    1997-2003 BMW E39 5-series
    1989-1995 BMW E34 5-series
    1995-2001 BMW E38 7-series
    1988-1994 BMW E32 7-series
    1992-1998 BMW E36 3-series
    1999-2005 BMW E46 3-series
    2000-2006 BMW E53 X5
    2007-2009 BMW E70 X5
    2009-current BMW F01 7-series
    1982-1991 BMW E30 3-series

  25. Shawn says:

    Not in Order,

    E26 M1
    E30 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3CSL
    E92 M3
    E30 325ix
    1958 507 in Black (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/7f/BMW_507_1958_black_vr_TCE.jpg/800px-BMW_507_1958_black_vr_TCE.jpg)

  26. Michael says:

    1. BMW M5 (E60)
    2. BMW M3 (E90/E92)
    3. BMW Z8
    4. BMW M3 CSL (E46)
    5. Alpina B7 (E66)
    6. Alpina B5 S
    7. BMW M5 (E39)
    8. BMW 760iL (E38)
    9. BMW 135i
    10. BMW 335d

  27. X5 SoB says:

    I’d have to add the E70 X5, but maybe I”m just biased. And what, no love for the old 328 from the 40’s?

  28. dusan says:

    1.BMW Z8
    2.BMW Z8
    3.BMW Z8
    4.BMW Z8
    5.BMW Z8
    6.BMW Z8
    7.BMW Z8
    8.BMW Z8
    9.BMW Z8
    10.BMW Z8

  29. BMW says:

    BMW X5M
    E92 M3
    8 series
    F70 7 series
    2002 Turbo
    M3 CSL
    Current M5

  30. lboogy says:

    1.E30 M3
    2.E40 M5
    3.E92 M3
    4.M1(of course)
    5.BMW 760il
    6.Alpina B5
    10.E30 M3(the best bimmer ever conceived)

  31. s@sh says:

    1. 3er E92/E93
    2. Z4 E85
    3. 7er E65
    4. 5er E39
    6. 3er E36
    7. 3er E46
    8. 8er E31
    9. 6er E63/E64
    10. 6er E24

  32. Fahad says:

    1- 2001 BMW E38 7-series iL
    2- 2006 BMW E53 X5 4.8 is
    3- E46 M3 CSL
    4- E92 M3
    5- E39 M5
    6- 5series GT
    7- 2010 7-series Li
    8- Alpina B7 (E66)
    9- E46 M3
    10- 335i cabriolet

  33. tulimulik says:

    1. M3 CSl (e46)
    2. M3 Sport evo (e30)
    3. Z8
    4. Z1
    5. 7-series (e38) 740i
    6. 1-series 3-door hatchback 130i (e81)
    7. M5 (e60)
    8. 3-series Coupe (e92) 335xi
    9. M5 (e39)
    10. 2002 Turbo

  34. Doug says:

    E46 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3
    E46 M3

    Different ones:)

  35. Doug says:

    oops. Plus:
    E46 M3

  36. Horatiu B. says:

    I have to add to this list the E39 5er

  37. for me the E30 M3 at the top

  38. KidrauhlM5 says:

    Simply I like all the BMWs but the top of all, E60 BMW M5!!! Just fascinating!!!

  39. BmwM5Fan says:

    1. M5 E60
    2. X5 4.8is E53
    3. X5 4.8is E53
    4. X5 4.8is E53
    5. X5 4.8is E53
    6.X5 4.8is E53
    7.X5 4.8is E53
    8. X5 4.8is E53
    9. M3 E30
    10. X5 4.6is E53

  40. BmwM5Fan says:

    oh and of course Z8 :))

  41. Dennis says:

    I am surprised that no one mentioned the E23 745 turbo. One of my favorites. Totally agree with all the others…

  42. skale bgd says:

    it is hard to tell what model is the best because they are all BMW :) but here is my list :
    1. E31 8 series

    2 .E34 M5
    3 .E36 M3
    4. E32 7 series
    5. E 38 7 series
    6. E9
    7. E39 5 series
    8. Z3
    9. 507 roadster from1957
    10. 328 roadster from 1936
    11 .E60 5 series

    11 because for me E31 850 and E34 m5 are the same <3 :)))

  43. skale bgd says:

    i forgot E28 M5

    now we have 12 :P

  44. Rafael says:

    E82 1M
    E92 M3
    E30 M3
    2002 turbo
    Z4 M E87
    M5 E60
    M135i F20 / F21
    507 roadster
    and the Future M2

  45. JMac says:

    E30 M3
    E24 6er
    E60 M5
    E26 M1
    F06 M6
    E31 850Csi
    E53 X5 4.8is
    E30 Z1
    E92 M3

    Bonus: E34 M5 Wagon

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