Formula 1: BMW Sauber scores points in Japanese Grand Prix

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The BMW Sauber F1 Team managed to score points in the fifth consecutive race, but is not happy with the result. Nick Heidfeld started from …

The BMW Sauber F1 Team managed to score points in the fifth consecutive race, but is not happy with the result. Nick Heidfeld started from fourth, but in the Japanese Grand Prix lost two positions due to bad luck and finished sixth. Robert Kubica came from ninth on the grid to finish ninth.

Nick Heidfeld: 6th

Fastest lap 1:33.600 min on lap 13 (10th fastest overall)

“Today was not our lucky day. I’m very disappointed with this result. Fourth place was within reach but several things went wrong today, especially at the second pit stop when the rear right wheel nut got stuck. But certainly I don’t want to complain. These things can happen and normally we have very good pit stops. That was when I lost a position to Kimi, and I rejoined the race just behind him. When the safety car came out I lost another position to Nico, who was lucky to refuel while the safety car was out.“

610x2Robert Kubica: 9th

Fastest lap 1:33.334 min on lap 44 (7th fastest overall)

“The entire weekend was unlucky for me. Yesterday I wasn’t able to show my good pace due to the red and yellow flags. Today I was stuck in traffic a couple of times. Furthermore I lost much time at the beginning of the race with a heavy and understeering car. Once the car was lighter and I got into my rhythm I was quite quick. I was then very unlucky with my first pit stop, as after the stop both Kimi and Nick were in front of me. That cost me time. Also after the safety car period I was in traffic. I was stuck behind Jenson. I was quicker than him in the corners, but was not able to overtake as we were missing some top speed on the straights.”

Mario Theissen (BMW Motorsport Director):

“That was a strong performance from us with a disappointing end. Nick was quick and well on his way on fourth. Then he lost a position during his second pit stop due to a sticking wheel nut. He lost another position during the safety-car-period when Nico Rosberg passed him after his pit stop. Coming in ninth, Robert missed the points by just a small margin.”

Willy Rampf (Head of Engineering):

“Today more should have been possible for us. Nick established himself in fourth for a long time. Until his second pit stop, which we did earlier because Kimi Räikkönen was right behind him, everything went according to plan. But during the pit stop a problem occurred which cost us valuable seconds. As a consequence Kimi was able to get by. During the safety-car-period Nick lost another position. Robert lost a position after the start which he gained back later during the race. But at the end it was just not enough to score a point.”

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  1. Joe says:

    I still can’t believe they are leaving F1..

  2. L. Hamilton says:

    BMW Sucks..,jejejejejje

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