We’re a bit far from the BMW Leipzig plant in Germany, but that doesn’t stop us from offering you live news directly from the source.

Our editor Benny over at BimmerToday.de, takes a trip at the factory where BMW will built their latest Sports Activity Vehicle. Built on the 3 Series platform, BMW X1 is the new entry-level SAV that plans to conquer a new market for BMW.

Exhibition vehicles were sporting the same colors as the ones seen at Frankfurt Auto Show, the now classy Alpine White and the new Marrakesh Brown color. In display, there was also the gorgeous Deep Sea Blue paint that made its debut with the new Z4 Roadster.

bmw x1 leipzig 23 655x491In addition to the extensive photo gallery, we have received some information on the Performance Control in the BMW X1.  You might notice that “dynamic” word missing before the “Performance Control” and that’s not an omission.

This system is known as a stripped down version of the one found in the BMW X6 and the M-variants of X5 and X6. But it would be a mistake to believe that the system is less sophisticated in the X1.

As with the “Dynamic Performance Control” , the system found in the BMW X1 gives more power which improves turn-in. Unlike the BMW X6 , the mechanical component is not responsible for this, but the system is improved  through the extensive software capabilities of the all-wheel-drive system.

To reinforce this effect even further, the inner wheel is automatically braked slightly. The effect is therefore essentially identical to the one of the BMW X6, but the solution in the X1 is much more cost effective.

One other thing we learned was regarding to the question about the “old” automatic gear shifter: there is a reason why BMW has not installed the newer and much more modern optical lever. Technically it would have been quite possible, but there is no new technology behind it that will take advantage of the new gear shifter. From an aesthetic point of view, the new shifter is more appealing, but BMW decided against using a new label on an existing product.

bmw x1 leipzig 03 655x873

As far as the interior design, the xDrive23d in these photos comes with the Premium Package, leather and wood trim. Automatically the luxury level has been raised and in our opinion, it is at the same level as the ones in the 1 Series and even the 3er models. In the end, the X1 was built for the pleasure to drive and won’t serve as a limousine. The 5 GT and 7 Series have that area covered.