Video: Jump for Joy

Videos | September 29th, 2009 by 14

We support the BMW Joy campaign and some may ask why. Is it because it’s cool to jump on the bandwagon? Or is it because the new bimmers inspire joy and emotion?

A little bit of both, but we mostly support the “Joy” theme because it’s different, viral and shows that BMW is quickly adapting to the new online media tools, embracing popular platforms like Youtube, Twitter or Facebook.

It shows that BMW has learned how to connect with the new digital generation as well, taking advantage of videos and tweets to spread content and reach a broader audience. TV ads still work, same with print, but online advertising is where things happen these days. Results can be measure, interaction with consumers and fans can be created within minutes, and most important, it creates a more personal connection between the brand and its advocates. The formal communication slowly fades out while informal, spontaneous talks arise, but still keeping the professional level at high standards.

Looking at the latest viral video released on BMW’s Youtube Channel, we can see some inspiration from the MINI campaigns and once again, that feeling of openness that comes with Joy.

So, we will continue to support the campaign without jumping into a debate whether the new BMW vehicles  “inspire” Joy or simply are more relevant to slogans like Ultimate Driving Machine, Sheer Pleasure and others. In the end, we all know that BMW stands for joy to drive or pleasure to ride, and that’s something that we think it will never change.