Are you going to miss the Frankfurt Auto Show this year? Well, in case you answer yes, we might have a “fix” for you. For days now, we’ve been taking you with us, in our journey at the Frankfurt Auto Show, 2009 edition; we have shown you lots of photos, videos and we shared with you pretty much everything there was to share, of course, with the main focus on the BMW brand.

Our coverage has been very extensive and as large as any coverage one car blog could do. Was it tiring? Exhausting? No doubt, but well worth it in our opinion and we’re glad we managed to pull through and most important, we’re glad you stayed with us through the journey.

But we are not done yet, beside the few videos we have coming up and some exclusive interviews with the 5 Series GT and Vision Concept designers, today, courtesy of our friends over at IAAblog, we have something new: a 3D Panorama from the BMW stand in Hall 11.

The photosynth above uses the MS Silverlight platform from Microsoft and if for some reason, you’re not able to view the 3D panorama, you can head over to MS Silverlight plugin page and download it. The plugin is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari on Windows and Mac OSX.