Would an Alpina X1 make sense?

Rumors | September 22nd, 2009 by 5
2010 bmw x1 135 750x500

As reported by the fellows at GCZ, rumormill at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show is churning some interesting ….rumors. The automobile manufacturing company based in Buchloe, Alpina is showing some interest in launching a model based on BMW’s X1 Sports Activity Vehicle.

Rumors go even further mentioning that the Alpina X1 should be powered by an inline six-cylinder Diesel engine, either turbocharged or twin-turbo.

Since these news rumors came from a single source, we won’t read much into them, but we would like to focus more on the question if an Alpina model based on the X1 would really make sense for them. Will an X Sports Activity Vehicle fit their brand?

2010 bmw x1 135 655x438There is no doubt that Alpina can build high-performance cars, we’ve seen this in their long history and more recently with the new  B7, B6, B3 or D3, but can the smaller and apparently, fun to drive, X1 be brought up to their performance standards?

Sporting more dynamics design lines, having smaller overall dimensions than any other X model and already showing great performance in test drives, in our opinion, the X1 can be a good candidate for an Alpina model.