Concept BMW Application Store to be introduced at Frankfurt

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These days, the success of any mobile phone is determined not least of all by the availability and range of “apps”, or applications. It is primarily these numerous little extra programs, which can be subsequently downloaded, that provide the greatest use.

BMW is presenting its Concept BMW Application Store at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). It is the world’s first carmaker to demonstrate the fundamental possibility of downloading and storing individual applications either from the car at any time on the move or from your PC at home. It means that, as with a mobile phone, the car can be adapted to the needs and interests of its occupants for the first time, thus benefiting from almost limitless personalisation. The Concept BMW Application Store is a further innovative highlight of BMW ConnectedDrive.

infotaiment 2 655x245At the touch of a navigation system button.

Conceivable examples of this are – as in the showcase –multimedia travel guides from MERIAN, Geowiki, games, web radio, podcasts, Facebook®, XING and Twitter®. In addition to this scope for individualisation, another stand-out feature of the visionary Concept BMW Application Store is the ability to transfer contact data such as addresses or telephone numbers to the navigation system or mobile phone at the touch of a button. The information is displayed in suitable adapted form by the vehicle’s HMI (Human Machine Interface), i.e. its operating logic. In practical terms, this means that, via the menu path “BMW Services”, “Application Store”, “On the road”, customers can download digital travel information and tips from MERIAN (as audio guides in audio book quality or in picture and text form) on points of interest, hotels, restaurants and leisure/nightlife options, manage contacts on “social networks”, and receive and compose tweets – all without leaving the car. Plus, the menu item “Entertainment” leads the user to options including podcasts and a “guess the origin of the licence plate” quiz.

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Applications draw on car-related data.

Applications from the Concept BMW Application Store of BMW ConnectedDrive draw on information from the vehicle. With the BMW applications for XING and Twitter®, for example, the car’s position is taken from the navigation system and, if the system is actively guiding the car to a destination, information about the destination time and location are used. Beyond that, the future use of numerous other vehicle data for BMW applications is conceivable, e.g. acceleration or braking data.


Always at the cutting edge of development.

In the future, vehicle occupants could be supplied with a constant stream of new and interesting applications to download from the visionary Concept BMW Application Store. It may also be possible to download software to the car at any time while on the move. In this way the vehicle would be kept up-to-date with the latest developments throughout its service life and costumers would continue to benefit from the BMW Group´s latest technical innovations after buying their car.

About BMW ConnectedDrive.

Under the overall concept of BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW assembles a unique portfolio of innovations which enhance comfort, allow infotainment to be experienced at a new level and significantly improve safety in a BMW. Here BMW ConnectedDrive stands for the exchange of information between the driver, the vehicle and the environment. Whether it’s the latest traffic reports, e-mails, emergency call function, Night Vision with pedestrian recognition, BMW Routes, the Internet or telephone information services – the comfort, infotainment and safety systems on board a BMW provide the driver with as much information and as many services as are needed and desired at any time. That’s because BMW ConnectedDrive bundles all the functions available to the driver that make Sheer Driving Pleasure an even more comfortable, safe and intensive experience. Further information is avalaible on the Internet at

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16 responses to “Concept BMW Application Store to be introduced at Frankfurt”

  1. Eli Sarver says:

    Wow, that’s a sure-fire way of running off the road. My current BMW does not have iDrive, and my next one won’t either. I’m sure there are less and less out there without it, but I can’t stand to have that distracting junk in my car.

    • Daniel says:

      An opinion to which you’re welcome Eli. As for me, I love iDrive. Even accommodating the epoch-creating response time of my 2006 system it’s invaluable. Being able to both walk and chew gum, I’m infrequently challenged by the competing demands for my attention while driving, especially when also exercising choice over when, and when not, it’s appropriate to seek information from the dash. I suspect you, Eli, also shunned the addition of a radio to the automobile. Your call.

      Back to this app store Innovaton. Brilliant idea but pray God they draw on existing pools of programmers and technologies instead of starting from scratch. Full integration of iPhone features, apps and control is much more appealing. BMW should work on the car and the interface, not a white elephant app store.

      • Well my main concern about adding facebook in a car is the whole ‘texting is as bad as drunkenness’ that gets everyone into so much trouble. Listening to music is a passive experience in a car. You can change channels, volume, etc, without taking your hands off the wheel. You can even answer the phone from the steering wheel, but studies have shown that having a phone conversation under MRI shows that the areas responsible for visualization are used during phone conversations, which is not good for reaction time.

        If the other passengers in a 5GT or 7-series want to use the apps, I’m cool with it, but it’s a major distraction to the driver.

        • Thumper says:

          Do understand that developers like our company (remaining nameless) don’t allow you to input anything while moving. Stop light or pull over and you have full control of any part of the system. We open our hardware so most anyone can develop a plugin. I mean you can find the closest Gas Station with one click, check your appointments or have your car handle your phone calls so you, and your hands, don’t have to. One button road-side help, streaming radio, remote cameras of your home while your on holiday. You name it, either we have that feature or our open SDK gives you the ability to add it yourself… What can you think of next??

          • Horatiu B. says:

            That’s true, many User Interfaces found in cars are built that way, not to be able to input by touch while moving. It’s great to see that some companies use an open source approach and allow others to build on top of it. Any other features you can share with us?

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