IND Distribution’s Dakar Yellow M3 Coupe project made the headlines of many auto and tuning magazines across the world. One of the most tasteful and beautiful modded M3s we have seen in a while, was unveiled back in June after a photoshoot session that took place in Portland, Oregon.

At a first glance, the modding job seems to be a regular day at the office, but the truth of the matter is that IND Distribution‘s workflow is very detailed and precised. The project kicks off with the task of determining the perfect ride height, then the next step involves the color of the finishes pieces on the car and continues with all the parts that were going to be used.

The end result was one of the most exciting tuned up BMW the community has seen in a while and not necessarily because of the stunning Dakar Yellow paint. Beside the regular photoshoot, Nate and his team decided to take the car on track as well. Therefore, a new set of high quality photos are available for your viewing.

BMW M3 18 655x491For more photos from the BMW Driving Day, feel free to visit Charles White Photography