BMW X6 M owner shares his first personal impressions

BMW X6 M | September 7th, 2009 by 11
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Back in July, we had the opportunity to drive and review for you the new BMW X6 M.  Our first impressions of the first M …

Back in July, we had the opportunity to drive and review for you the new BMW X6 M.  Our first impressions of the first M all-wheel drive vehicle from BMW were positive and the car has lived up to its expectations. But some people called us “fanboys” and the debate about what a true BMW M car is, continued. Some people were already putting a big failure stamp on the X6 M future sales, despite the fact that we reinforced the “niche” market the X6 M is targeting and BMW’s goals for this car.

Well, with the first X5 M and X6 M cars arriving at the local dealerships, it was just a matter of time until a BMW owner will get his/her hands on the car and shared their own personal opinion. Ryan from Bimmerpost was kind to share with everyone some photos, videos and his take on the car he has just purchased.

Will he back up our story or are we truly guilty of “fanboyism”?

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Power – It was posted that the power was not that different than an X5, I couldn’t disagree more. I think that the power is simply outstanding, it’s instant, and frankly the hardest thing I have right now is learning how to apply it properly. It is a hell of a vehicle.

Suspension – My X5 seemed to give the rider more of the impression that they were “in between the wheels”, whereas the X6 M is quite springy right now. I am anticipating that this will settle down as the suspension breaks in. Also, the suspension is noticeably stiffer than my X5. In fact, I had to really get used to it and sit further forward so as to not agitate my back (I’m 6’6″ so it goes with the territory).

Seats – The seats are not as comfortable as the sport seats I had in my X5. I miss the arch of my old seats. I can feel the shoulder support is higher than in my X5, and I’m guessing that this is by design. Besides, I didn’t see a seat option so I figure it is what it is.

Technology – Sick. Just sick. Anything you coudl ever want.

Looks – The view from the front is absolutely incredible, the car looks like it’s about to take off into space. The view from the rear is not nearly as appealing IMHO (unless you’re looking at it from dead behind), but I guess the idea is that you will keep the vehicle moving forward in traffic that this won’t be an issue.

Crowd Reaction – It’s really amazing how many people have been smiling and waving to me in this car, it really does capture attention. I’m hoping that this is a good thing.

Paint – When I first started thinking about the X6M (having known nothing of M cars) I envisioned a really light blue color. The silverstone metallic is silver under direct sunlight, but turns a light blue in dimmer light. Absolutely spectacular color IMHO, probably a big reason why I bought the car on the spot.