2011 BMW 5 Series – New Spy Shots

Spy Photos | September 7th, 2009 by 10
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There isn’t a week without new BMW spy photos and for the past few days, spy photographers around the world have been working hard. So, …

There isn’t a week without new BMW spy photos and for the past few days, spy photographers around the world have been working hard. So, let’s take it slowly and start with the new BMW 5 Series, one of the most awaited BMW new models to be released next year.

The sporty, classy and luxurious sedan will make its debut next Spring and BMW has already entered the final stage of the testing process. From now on until the expected unveiling in December, 5 Series test mules will continue to lose their funky, but effective camouflage and reveal some more skin for our eyes, the eager BMW fans.

With the bodystyle, BMW will revise the term successfully used in past,  “Die neue Klasse”, to welcome its new F10 5er, the 6th generation model of the highly successful and important mid class sedan (or if you perceive history the 7th generation if you include the predecessor to the 5er the BMW 1500.

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The new 5er will of course replace the successful and avantgarde looking E60 series of the BMW 5er and will be an all new car from the ground up although with the advent of the BMW 5er Gran Turismo although a member of the same family on the exterior surface there are few areas shared with the 5er . For months, the perception of the new 5er has been false, many of us believed that the new, premium member of the 5 Series family, Gran Turismo, will be the base for the new 5. Rendering artists were having a blast drawing left and right renderings of what the new model will look like, but all of them shared one thing: numerous similarities between the GT model and the new sedan.

Sources close to BMW have many times revealed some of the secrets behind the new model and have mentioned as well that very few common design elements and parts will be seen across the two cars. Truth is that only door mirrors , side indicator lights and door handles are the relatively evident components identified between the 5er and the 5er Gran Turismo.

As seen in the photo below, the new white LEDs seen on the GT will indeed make into the 2011 5er as well, one technical element that will please many of the BMW fans.

whitef10 f1 655x438

The 5er preserves the exclusivity of a new BMW and avoids duplicating the 7er’s look as a smaller 7er or the phrase known as “One sausage different lengths” BMW have made the new 5er express a dynamic looking appearance that will not only be individual from its inhouse family but also amongst its competitors. The more dynamic styling expresses an intent to disguise the heavy look seen in a mid segment sedan the wider track also contributes to the solution an integrated wider twin kidney grille. More compact but wider than the 5er Gran Turismo or the BMW 7er. The wider grille adds more visual to the cars low and wide appearance.

From a technology stand point, Efficient Dynamics will be highly featured in the next generation 5er with the usual features now taken for granted but new developments will also feature such as specially designed aerodynamically designed wheels that will now become a cornerstone of Efficient Dynamics.

As we approach the end of the year, more information will be released, including teasers and spy shots.

[Source: Auto Gespot ]