Proposing to your loved can be a difficult and stressful moment, especially since everyone is looking for that special, unique, original moment or….place. We’ve seen guys getting down on their knees in a restaurant, right? In a romantic vacation on the beach, am I right again? What about the wrap of a large box and filled with smaller boxes all wrapped around the last box that she will come to where she will find the smallest ring inside?

You’re correct, we have seen all of these, but what we are going to show you next, we pretty much doubt that anyone has seen so far…..or have you?

Combining the love for our dear BMWs and our loved ones can be difficult, especially when you start naming your cars and get attached to them. Then you end up in a spot where sometimes you need to make a choice: a dinner with the loved one or a night out cruising with your “other girlfriend”. Even worse, what about combining the purchase of a BMW with a marriage proposal? Feeling the pressure yet? Can one pull it off? Will the “real girlfriend” get mad at you?

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Lots of questions, but apparently, there is an answer to all of this and Curtis, a member of 1addicts forum, might have found it and even better, he pulled it off …..ALIVE.

Us, at BMWBLOG, give him props for this new, innovative way to propose to his girlfriend and congratulations for both beauties, the fiancee and the 135i Coupe.

So, my girlfriend and I had been dating for close to two years and I had been driving my 335i ever since I met her. She knew I was a BMW enthusiast and supported my expensive hobbies, attending meets, spending time on the forums, staying up late working on cars with the guys…etc.

She had been driving a ’02 Pontiac sunfire since it was new and the thing liked like a crinkled up silver beer can and was falling apart. She had just gotten on salary as a full time teacher here locally and decided that she wanted a new ‘nice’ car. Being the avid bimmer fan that I am, of course I recommended a 135i!

After I brokered the deal for her, we had to wait about a week for the car to be shipped in from Philly. Unannounced to her, I had purchased her engagement ring about a month prior and was still trying to figure out a unique way to propose.

She is pretty cunning so its hard for me to plan big surprises. Therefore going to pick up the car would be my perfect cover story! I am good friends with the client advisor that sold us the car and he was more than happy to help out! So I called up my good friend, Ian, who is an amateur photographer and E90 poster and asked if he could hide out at the dealer to capture the moment.

Once Ian was in place my roommate, Cole, drove Danielle and I to the dealer. It was funny because all of the dealer workers were huddled around the sales manager desk silently grinning at us as we walked through the door. Luckily she didn’t catch on ;) Our client advisor showed her the car and ran through the tutorial of how everything works then, as planned, told her and I to follow him to the service desk (which was out of sight of the showroom) to go over the owners manual, total BS but we had to get her out of the of the showroom, so Cole could pull the ring out of the trunk of his car and place it on the dash.

After we BS’d enough about the owners manual we proceeded back to the showroom to show her ‘one last thing’ about the car. We walked up to the drivers side door and told her to get in, she sat down and looked up at us like…OK whats next? while her ring was right under her nose!!!

Dumbfounded, I kind of stumbled my words and said, go ahead and put the key in and start it up…which she did and STILL didn’t notice the ring! At that point I didn’t know what to say so i just kind of starred at her, prompting her to ask ‘is everything OK?’ thinking quick on his feet, the client advisor said, why don’t you check the miles for me which finally did the trick! Ian made his way down and we took a few pictures and we were on our way to celebrate for the rest of the weekend!

Remember when we told that BMW fans are the most passionate ones and at the same time a bit crazier than the rest? Great idea, way to pull it off, but be aware, don’t try this at home unless you feel confident.

Thanks for the story Curtis!