MINI Coupe Concept is the birthday present that the Oxford based automaker has for all its fans today when the brand celebrates 50 years since the first MINI vehicle. In a Concept format, the MINI Coupe will be introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month and it is one of the most exciting concepts to come out of the MINI production lines in the past few years.

Based on the John Cooper Works bodystyle, the MINI Coupe Concept measures 146.1 inches overall, 66.1 inches wide and 53.3 inches tall. It was designed as a two seater which brings out the idea of a MINI roadster vehicle rather than a coupe. Due to its rear-end design line, the MINI Coupe Concept lacks trunk space, the only storage space is behind the seats. The cargo space measures about 8.8 cubic feet and in the production model, it will be accessible through the a big hatch.

Under the hood, MINI Coupe Concept uses the same engine from JCW, a 1.6 liter four cylinder turbocharged engine which produces 211 horsepower and 260 Nm (192 lb-ft) of torque.

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The car was designed by a team led by MINI’s Design Director Gert Hilderbrand and it was sketched by Marcus Syring. The interior is based on the one found in the regular MINI, similar dash with slightly more luxurious touches. The interior is done Oliver Leghard and the color palette was chosen by Annette Baumeister.

Even though the final decision has not been made, the MINI Coupe Concept could be seen on the road in two to three years from now. No official name either at this point, but MINI considered names like Speedwell, Broadspeed or Downton.

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