Automobile Mag: Great Rivalries -Mercedes Benz vs BMW

Interesting | August 25th, 2009 by 69
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Automobile Magazine has an interesting article today talking about one of the oldest rivalries between two automotive companies. The rivalry between BMW and Mercedes-Benz dates …

Automobile Magazine has an interesting article today talking about one of the oldest rivalries between two automotive companies. The rivalry between BMW and Mercedes-Benz dates back to 1959 and in our opinion, it can be classified as being beneficial for both the companies and consumers.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been competing on almost all the car segments and offer some of the most innovative automobiles.

Before we let you read the entire editorial, here are some facts gathered by Automobile Mag:

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Same destination, different routes

  • Mercedes-Benz goes with superchargers; BMW goes with turbochargers
  • BMW introduces a V-12 in the 750iL; Mercedes follows with the S600
  • BMW develops prototype V-16 for Rolls-Royce; Mercedes contemplates V-24 for Maybach
  • BMW tries C1 city bike; Mercedes launches Smart
  • BMW waits twenty years, then copies Mercedes-Benz’s diesel
  • BMW favors hydrogen; Mercedes favors everything but hydrogen
  • BMW shows M1 Homage; Mercedes actually builds gull-wing SLS
  • Mercedes creates DTM monster 190E 2.3-16; BMW retaliates with E30-chassis M3
  • BMW introduces high-class X5 to counter low-quality Mercedes ML-class
  • BMW builds South Carolina plant; Mercedes builds Alabama plant

Full article can be read at Automobile Mag

69 responses to “Automobile Mag: Great Rivalries -Mercedes Benz vs BMW”

  1. Babken says:

    BMW is undoubtedly much better than mercedes-benz. Just one fact makes it clear: BMW is the premium market leader today, and mercedes is just in the second place.
    BMW is the Best automobile manufacturer in the world.

  2. viper says:

    what a bullshit.
    first of all MB has much more models than BMW..
    all bmw does is concept this and that and never make a real thing..Im talking about serious concepts like CS, a supercar , M7 , or even a X7 , M3 csl , Z4 M……all fanatsy now…I aint even gonna go on technology and safety where MB rules…..

    • Mitchell says:

      They made an M3CSL in the e46 body style. They made a Z4M and the X1. There is also the Alpina B7 which I think is comparable to an M7, not to mention the 760 with 535hp. The 5 series GT was a concept that also became reality. Don’t forget the hybrid X6 and 7 Series, and the X5M and X6M. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      Models (11):
      1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X1, X3, X5, X6, 5 Series GT, Z4

      Mercedes (13):
      C, E, S, ML, G, GLK, CLK, CLS, CL, R, SLK, SL, SLR

      Because 2 more models is “much more” than 11…dumbass. Besides, why would you want to buy a car that looks ugly, both on the inside and outside, and is overpriced for what it is, and boring, when you can get a BMW that is more exciting to drive, and has far better looks.

      • Jag says:

        Mitchell, you forget that 3 Series are available in sedan, touring, coupe and convertible while C-Class are only sedan and wagon. If MB’s consumer want a coupe or convertible, they gotta get a CLK. So, I think it’s pretty fair to count C and CLK as one to compare with 3 Series.

        • Mitchell says:

          Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about that, that didn’t even come to mind…haha

        • Sajan says:

          Actually, the 3 series was available in a Saloon, Coupe, Estate (Touring), Hatchback (Compact) and the Convertible. The Mercedes had a Saloon, Estate, and a hatchback, which was called the C-Class sports coupe

      • viper says:

        u forgot A , B , GL , plus like several variations of SLR , the new SLS , SL the black sereis , white series , purple series etc…dumbass….

        ugly car? u mean bmw?! yes bmw is quite an ugly car ,the ugliest of three , audi mercedes and bmw…overpriced , well maybe…some models , like AMGs S SL CL CLS….they worth the money though……boring? again something very common with bmw….bmw may be more exciting to drive….so? is that all? shut up man , grow up..

        there is no better car than S class ur 7er equals shit in luxury and power and prestige plus has the worse looks for a car that size..

        there is no car like SL…..that is if not the ultimate roadster out there , SL 600….Jesus Christ that car beats every single bmw M, G,F or even Y power….

        Im so sick and tired of kids running their mouth how bmw is more superior and better than Mercedes Benz……Jesus Christ will you please s.t.f.u. and stop talking nonsense…even if MB had 2 models and 4 cars total it would still be better than all bmws…..Im talking yesterday today and tomorrow.

        • wazon says:

          MB has no such cars as 1-er coupe, 1-er convertible, 6-er convertible. Against 1-er they offer A-class which has more in common with golf cart or trolley than with car. Driving it is horrible experience cotrary to driving 1-er which is really funny, if you choose bigger engine.

          You start to offend people and in ridiculous way. Not only “kids” (as you claim) recognize superiority of BMW:
          1. Customers recognized it. BMW sold 604.188 cars this year, whereas MB sold 566.800 cars. This is huge difference, istn’t it?.
          2. Engineers recognize it, since BMW won most of International Engine of Year Awards! MB only few.
          3. Handling is something important to all those people who want to have a pleasure from drive and as you can learn from point one there is more people who assess hadling high than you thought.
          4. 7-er is luxury car, if didn’t recognized it. It has more electronical stuffs than S-class, high-quality interior, they even made grills of ventilator from porcelain. It has calm design and contrary to S-class, it doesn’t have something similar to globe in center of dushboard and something like a tool of clobber (I don’t know of its name) as armrest. You talk about prestige and I don’t know why you consider S-class as more prestigious and from where this prestige comes according to you. We received info that high officiels of Saudi Arabia bought above 130 7-ers, president of my country and all goverment have 7-er as official cars. Many high officiels use 7-er. Is it enough to make 7-er prestigiuos for you? Moreover for most customers 7-er is better choice than S-class since this car is simply better to drive and most of customers of these cars are also their drivers. You don’t think that upper border for people who don’t hire chauffeur is 5-er or E-class, right?
          5. Your comparision between M brand and AMG is really funny, because it’s highly ignorant. You simply switch from segment to segment to make your opinion about overall brand, but it’s simply doesn’t work this way. Cars are divided in segments and if we want to talk seriously about rivality we should restrict ourself to competition within particular segment, so we have following pairs:
          M3 vs C63AMG – M3 is clearly better sport car
          M3 CSL vs CLK 63AMG Black Series – Comparable cars (when we ignore the fact that CSL comes from previous generation), CSL is faster on Hockenheim Short and slower on Nurburgring, but it was driven by Horst von Saurma from Sport Auto who is known not to be the fastest driver. He drove theoretically faster than Black Series MB CLK DTM in 7:54 on Nurburgring (if you need rival for DTM, look for M3 GT2).
          M5 vs E63 AMG (W211) – again M5 is clearly better sport car
          M6 vs E 63 AMG coupe – M6 is clearly better
          M6 convertible has no rival
          Both X5M and X6M walk through ML 63AMG.
          Against other BMW has no rivals and from what I see wherever BMW has rival it’s at least as good as MB. Morover, in most cases M cars are better than AMG.
          6. You call this or that BMW “ugly”, but it’s highly matter of taste. I dislike stylicts of MB. New E-class has horrible exterior design and even worse interior. I felt in it as if I got back in past to see W124’s inspired interior with display/screen in the center under similarly designed square roof. One of the worst interior I’ve ever seen in premium car. The only MB that looks good is CLS. It has good exterior as well as interior. Other cars have usually ugly interior.
          7. Is there something you like about BMW?

          • viper says:

            Yes. and I dont like you , I didnt ask u anything , I didnt ask u to bitch about what I said , that is a matter of opinion and I dont give a shit about yours….u are obviously a bmw fan….hardcore fan…. lets start from the beginning…
            car sales?…..yeah ur bmw is somewhat cheaper so yeah ud sell more cars than more expensive and already better MB, hail.
            engine of the year awards…yeah we know that , although thats not the only thing that matters , when Im buying a car , I buy the whole package , not just the engine but yeah bmw is quite good in some categories.
            handling is something I dont need in the city and autobahn and the streets , I dont live on a track , but yeah bmw is quite good at handling although it doesnt matter.period
            7er is always behind S class , S class is a heavy car , but still it is faster than every M out there , on straight line that is , Im talking about 600s 63s 65s 55s…
            man have u ever drive or been driven in an S class….please shut up , 7 is a good car , S class is better so s t f u please.
            when ML63 and ML55 were driving the roads ur M SUVs didnt existed…now they show up five years later and think they are all power and tough.bullshit.
            yeah BMW is truly an ugly car , it is not a matter of taste at all , it is a fact , bmw drivers say that themselves , MB was always better looking and more appealing , it just sexy and powerful , not cocky and arrogant.
            MB speaks for itself , even when standing still that car is just is good though
            M5 vs E63….who the hell told you that M5 is better?…I mean seriosuly are u nuts or something? it may be better on the track and thats it , if thats the only thing u like and appreciate then our conversation ends right here.

          • The Last MB Fan says:

            Ok Definitely,I also support mercedes more, BUT there is only one car that is trully better than mb – M

          • asd says:

            sorry 6’th series is cooler than its mb rival, but othervise, there is no rivals to slr mclaren, G class and trucks

          • wazon says:

            If someone is hardcore fan here, it’s you. Hardcore fan of MB.

            First of all, M5 is indeed better than E63AMG without doubt. No metter you compare them on drag race (M5 has better time to 160km/h (9.5 sec vs 9.7 sec) and way better to 200km/h (13.8 vs 15.0) or on track where M5 is totally out of E63 AMG’s range. Not mentioning about driving experience which actually seems to mean shit for you. Who did tell you that E63 AMG is better? I don’t find any area conforming it.

            Where S is faster than each M car? Man, you clearly expose yourself on ridiculity by writing such things. Ohh… I forgot… you define fastness in terms of accelerating on striaght line! And even with this it’s not faster than M5, M6 and comparably fast with 760i!

            Before you tell something about which car is cheaper, check their prises. It’s easy!
            In US (the biggest market) BMW is overall more expensive: 328i costs 33.600$, MB C300 costs the same. 335i costs 40.300$, C350 – 39.750$. M3 costs 57.850$, C63AMG – 57.350$. 535i = 51.100$, E350 = 48.600$. 550i = 60.400$, E550 = 56.300$. M5 = 85.500$, E63AMG = 87.700$. E550 coupe = 54.650$, 650i = 78.200. Z4 sDrive30i = 45.750$, SLK300 = 45.950$, Z4 sDrive35i = 51.650$, SLK350 = 50.950$. X3 xDrive30i = 39.700$, GLK350 = 34.600$. X5 xDrive30i = 47.500$, ML350 =45.700, X5 4.8i = 56.200, ML550 = 56.750. Cars where MB is more expensive are S-class and CLK (the last difference is really unreasonably). The only coutry that I know where almost each MB is more expensive than BMW is Germany.

            I started to wonder whether you’ve ever seen BMW. You said that when you buy BMW you buy all package not only engine, so you don’t care awards. I care about awards because it means that when I buy BMW technologically advanced car. But still it doesn’t mean that I don’t buy all package, after all in each model of BMW, I can find exactly the same things or even more than I can find in MB. Could you finally tell what features of MB you consider as making these cars more luxury than BMW?! And please, let it be something you cannot find them in BMW.

            ML 63AMG appeared in 2008, in mid-2009 we have ready X5M and X6M. Taking into consideration fact that one generation period is around 7 years. BMW appeared not so long time after ML63AMG and will totally dominate MB in this area at least on four years.

            Actually, it’s my last post to you, since I got bored by reading your constant expressing dogmas about MB. Man, some of us put arguments against your opinions and you repeat the same dogmas as if they were relevant replies. Total question-begging!

            And last point, you don’t have to ask me anything to receive my reply. You published your comment and I can reply on it, that’s the way forums works.

          • Donald says:

            wow wazon what a story go to the internat and type M5 vs E 63 AMG and see if m5 beat E 63 lol. m3 only beat c63 on the track but on the straight line it doesn’t.cormfort c 63 is better than m3. last m3 is not beautiful

          • nick says:

            Guys!!! Just stop this!!!! Both are great companies(Though I like BMW more)

          • Marisa Mack says:

            I like them both however, I  prefer elegance over performance so I drive Mercedes C230 4matic. I am not saying that BMW isn’t elegant, it just seems to be geared towards the more performance minded driver which I am not. For people who think the C Class Mercedes are for people who can’t afford a “real” Mercedes you are wrong because:

            1: I purchased my car cash, I could just as easily put that $45,000 down and financed  the balance on any other Mercedes class

            2: Some female drivers like myself the size of the car is a factor and the C230 is the perfect size for me. 

            3: The C230 4matic  is all the car I require, therefore its all the car I was prepared to pay for. 

            Why would I pay for features I don’t need only to boast about having them?  What’s wrong with getting the car you like in spite of the class or series? 

            To the BMW fanatics : you  speak for BMW but Mercedes speaks for itself.

            To Mercedes Benz snobs: for all  that you’re, and all that you are not, at the end of the day in some countries, you are merely a taxi and in most other places you are just a  car.

             BMWs are for those who think they are going places and Mercedes Benz are for those who believe that they have arrived.  Two equally important stages in life that’s why I like them both.

          • Marisa Mack says:

            I like them both however, I  prefer elegance over performance so I drive Mercedes C230 4matic. I am not saying that BMW isn’t elegant, it just seems to be geared towards the more performance minded driver which I am not. For people who think the C Class Mercedes are for people who can’t afford a “real” Mercedes you are wrong because:

            1: I purchased my car cash, I could just as easily put that $45,000 down and financed  the balance on any other Mercedes class

            2: Some female drivers like myself the size of the car is a factor and the C230 is the perfect size for me. 

            3: The C230 4matic  is all the car I require, therefore its all the car I was prepared to pay for. 

            Why would I pay for features I don’t need only to boast about having them?  What’s wrong with getting the car you like in spite of the class or series? 

            To the BMW fanatics : you  speak for BMW but Mercedes speaks for itself.

            To Mercedes Benz snobs: for all  that you’re, and all that you are not, at the end of the day in some countries, you are merely a taxi and in most other places you are just a  car.

             BMWs are for those who think they are going places and Mercedes Benz are for those who believe that they have arrived.  Two equally important stages in life that’s why I like them both.

    • Alan says:

      MB also makes trucks(Atross) , vans and buses .BMW only makes Motorcycles which are not very sold and wanted . But i think BMW’s RollsRoyce and MINI is much better than Maybach and Smart . MB’s models are ridicilous I mean the (cl ) is a S class but coupe also ( ML , G ) its like making a 3 series copue an 8 series and the slk , sl , slr are pretty much built like each other and you forgot that MB has also A , B class , And M series plus ( z8 ) but unfortunately jeremy clarcksson likes MB more I think and the reason MB is so much popular is that its very expensive so rich people brag about them . buying bmw is like buying a merc with a cheaper price because of a different Badge and usually the bmw is much better in corners and performance ..,,

      • Babken says:

        You’re too unaware of the prices. BMW costs about the same compared to its counterpart. So people buy BMW because it’s more advanced. BMW IS THE KING!

  3. John Pham says:

    People are also forgetting a few things here too:

    – Both outsource engines to other ‘exotic’ manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz AMG outsource their engines to the infamous Pagani Zonda range AND BMW M outsource their engines to the infamous Ascari KZ1 and A10 models.
    But who is the quicker one around all the tracks that they’ve both competed against; Ascari (Top Gear) =]

    – Both have produced a super car in some way, by again outsourcing engines or by joint production in some form. Mercedes-Benz with Mclaren produced the Mclaren SLR. BMW have contributed to the Mclaren F1.
    But which has made a bigger impact in automotive history: of course Mclaren F1.
    Fastest car for almost 7 years straight? What has the SLR achieved? Quick times maybe, but it struggles against a Carrera GT ffs.

    – Both compete in a lot of FIA races. But looking throughout all the history (from the time BMW first entered a FIA race to compete with MB), BMW has absolutely killed Mercedes-Benz. Google, Wikipedia; follow into FIA and you will get linked to all the results to date.

    – BMW are undoubtedly better engineers when it comes to producing state-of-the-art engines. They have won the most International Engine of the Year awards AND Wards Top Ten Engines awards, just in front of Honda. Both awards are the two most prestigious automotive engineering awards to date. a

  4. Russell says:

    I always liked the response when a BMW Motorsport director was asked about Mercedes Benz – “They make good trucks…”
    I wonder if M-B directors ride BMW motorcycles?

  5. MunE90 says:

    MB make good trucks and busses, no doubt.
    But lets look at motorsport. i think MB have a longer and successful history.

    I’m still waiting for BMW to return to DTM like the old rivalry of E30 M3 and 190E 2.3-16.
    BMW should return to its home race and stomp the rivals merc and audis.
    Too competitive?

    • wazon says:

      MB Actros is greatest truck on the market. MB Sprinter is great eighter, but MB Vito is low-quality car that you have to invwest too much during exploatation. And looking at it from economical point of view, it’s hopeless.

  6. badger says:

    Bmw has made some of the worlds best looking and driving vehicles..and so has MB. For example, the Bmw 507 and MB gullwing. Both companies have been sucessful in motorsport and now one of the best luxary car brands.
    Of course, Bmw and MB can’t find the fact that some of thier luxary cars come at a steep price. Never the less, people love thier cars . MB has just released their brand new E class with Bmw unvieling thier brand new 5er this fall. The battle continues..

  7. michael says:


    you forgot the A & B class mercs ;)

    So that would take the Merc Model tally to 15

    At the end of the day both Mercedes & BMW are generally in the same markets. Hence the rivarly between the two.

    Will be interesting to see what they both do with the ascendency of Audi into the “luxury” car league.

    • Jag says:

      deal with 1 Series hatchback (3-door and 5-door). what about 1 Series coupe and convertible? which merc would fit?

    • wazon says:

      A and B class come from similar segmant as 1-er, but comparing them is something inapt. A-klasse looks and drive like golf cart, B-klasse has more too common with small van. On the other hand, 1-er is funny to drive car in a way more interesting versions, form which neighter is similar to small van or …golf cart.

    • Mitchell says:

      Sorry, coming from the US, we don’t have those here, so it didn’t come to mind.

      But yeah, they are generally in the same markets.

  8. Babken says:

    Mitchel seems to be drunk… Or his (maybe her) brain has gone loose.
    Hey, little Mitchi,
    If you are eight years old you won’t understand what I’m going to say now. But if you understand something in automobiles you will accept what I’m going to say. So read and tell this to the rest of pathetic mercedes lovers whose number is shrinking over and over:
    1. BMW firmly holds the market share. This year, BMW has sold 604,188 automobiles whereas your pathetic mercedes has sold 566,800 automobiles. 37,388 surplus is a serious advantage that says who is who, namely BMW is 1st, mercedes is 2nd.
    2. No other manufacturer in the world makes such excellent engines as BMW. The most evident example is the International Engine Of The Year Award which is also the most prestigious award. So what we have here? BMW has won the award 6 times (55%) out of 11 whereas your truck-maker mercedes couldn’t even win once. As for the overall awards BMW has won 43 awards (33%) whereas your mercedes could manage only 5.
    3. BMW’s automobiles are regarded for their exclusive quality and ride-and-handling balance. Hence customers acknowledge BMW as the most prestigious automaker today.And in nearly every test drive or review BMW is a clear winner. Unlike your for-girls-only mercedes which make a 6.2-litre engines but despite that isn’t able to match BMW.

    • John Pham says:


      Sure AMG is fast, but thats all it is too it. Nothing more than a straight-out, drag car – especially throwing a 6.2L M156 V8 engine in there.

      Funny thing is…4.0L V8 in the E9x M3 manages to overcome the grunt of the V8 in the C63 AMG. =]

  9. Babken says:

    Sorry for some mistakes in the sentences, my friends. I was just in a hurry.

  10. badger says:

    The success of a good car company is not measured in how many awards it wins. There isnt really one award that is the best and determines that car company is number one. Sure they can up sales, but honestly the most important thing about a car is your everyday experience driving it. There is no point of saying this car has more horsepower or whatever because in the end, both cars are bascially the same. AMG and M cars are electrionally limited to 155 mph and some can easily exceed that speed limit. Truth is, your probably never gonna be able to use all horses in your engines.

  11. viper says:

    @ vazon.
    man u really a dick…u are trying so hard to explain yet u failed again.
    I am a fan of both , once I was in love with bmw , I got mature now I think its a kids car.
    E63 is better than M5 , I dont care about seconds , 1.5 seconds or 2 seconds really dont matter in my life , overall opinion is much more important , Mercedes Benz E63 AMG old and new model I dont know are they calling it 63 or 67…is a better car , period.
    S class 320cdi kicks M5s ass….just kiding , 63 and 65 are faster…but that dont matter , the feeling in S class cant match with any car , maybe Maybach
    as for the prices I did meant in Geramny not the states where cars are two times cheaper for a reason I dont get
    I had a bmw
    how old is ML55 anyway?
    and yeah its my last post too.

  12. Babken says:

    There are so many people who have no brain. An obvious example is mitchell, and another perfect example is viper. Viper, your pathetic s class and all of daimler’s assets aren’t worth even M5’s tyre dust. Just one look of the M5 makes your idiotic mercedes tremble with fear. As for your foolish opinion that “who cares about handling”, I’m not surprised, because you are a genuine mercedes fanboy who is tyred of life and understands nothing about automobiles. And it would be a shame to see such fools like you behind the wheel of BMW. Actually I’m glad that ignorant people like you drive mercedes. It once again testifies to the established saying: BMW is for people who enjoy their noble lives, and mercedes is for people who just like trucks.

  13. viper says:

    and barbaken is the perfect example of a horny miserable loser who dreams of bmw and jerks off at the sound of m5 , like I did jerk off when I was sorry ass kid who liked bimmer more than anything…..Im so glad that losers like u drive bmw , do really own a bmw..I hope so , because I always knew how cocky and arrogant those people are…..M5 looks terrible , nothing separates m5 from 520i except the engine and four tailpipes u pathetic piece of shit ur m5 looks ridiculous next to Insignia opc not to menchain MB…..dude u suck so does ur bmw. period…Id rather buy a tata than ur bmw

    • wazon says:

      So, enjoy you Tata. By saying this you simply confirmed that you don’t too much about automobiles. Didn’t you say that you’re BMW owner? Where is sense in spending so much money on car since it’s not even better than Tata? I don’t get why you get so angry and why you hate everyone who see MB cons. Some interesting infos about cons of MB and overall quality you can derive from comparision of residual value of BMW and MB cars. Any idea why deos BMW hold usually its value better than MB?

      BTW what is so distinctive in E63AMG in comparision with E350?! Isn’t it the point of these (M5, E63 AMG, RS6, XF-R and so on) cars to keep their power for drivers and look like regular sedan?!

      • viper says:

        I owned a bmw a couple of years ago , it was good car, a 3er , fun to drive and all that but all it had was great engine , rwd and nothing else , very poor equipment inside , the car never was a head turner and never will be except m6 x6 and some pumped up 7series…I was miserable with the 3er , really felt poor next benz , passats , audis etc…their cars are enterprise ships inside while my had shit , if I wanted a tv inside ud have to pay shit load of cash to make it look a little bit more interesting inside , I had a steering wheel , manual transmission , some knobs and thats it , the car was never comfortable like one opel vectra for example , very poor car overall except the engine part…then I decided to go with the MB , bought myself an E class , seriously I get alot more respect in traffic than with bmw , the people refer me as ‘sir’ even though still a kid.!

    • Ryan Temple says:

      Wow you’re really annoying. I’d rather listen to my sister bitch and moan and cry all day than hear you. You obviously need attention because you’re ranting about how Mercedes is superior to BMW. If you find Mercedes superior why are are you visiting a BMW blog page? Obviously someone here needs attention and just wants to create drama.

      Find something else better to do, like drive your Mercedes into a wall, or if you don’t own one, I will gladly borrow a mercedes and drive you into the wall. Because I know, I wouldn’t want to trash my BMW ;) TAKE CARE!!!!

  14. kcsnyud says:

    Hey viper and babkin, stop fighting. So what if viper likes mercedes better babkin? It doesnt matter. You guys are acting immature. I myself like bmw better but its ok, I respect people that like mercedes. Both of them are good. There. Done.

  15. kcsnyud says:

    And viper, if you arent gonna say something nice in this blog or at least makinng fun of guys that like bmws then GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you start respectful to guys in this blog. If not, run of to your merc forum.

  16. Babken says:

    I guess you were driving a mercedes when people didn’t pay attention to you in the traffic. You have a serious problem with your sight. Go to the doctor and try to improve you sight though I’m sure you won’t be able to do that because there’s a three-star sign within your eyes. That means physical and mental weakness and old age. That’s also called colour-blindness.
    Remember for the rest of your life: 1. BMW, 2. the rest.

    • viper says:

      correction brbaken . its Mercedes numero 1 , and the rest are just cars for driving from spot a to spot b…..I aint getting old I just see things better than u do , go drive ur bmw , be happy but Im still the king on the road next to ur bmw

  17. nabil says:

    viper shut the fuk up no1 cares what u have 2 say, dont like bmw? good then dont come on this website talkin up mercedes, go burn in hell

  18. Horatiu B. says:

    Ok guys, let’s take it easy, no cursing please. I love the debate, but let’s try to keep it civilized.

    We’re all car fans and even Mercedes fans are allowed here :) some of them might even own BMWs

  19. Damien says:

    BMW is better in my opinion in the many ways that has already been listed. No reason to beat that horse dead… MB will always have a following and we should be grateful for it! If MB wasn’t trying to catch BMW constantly then BMW wouldn’t move forward as fast. Besides we are all missing one of the biggest points! MB is the German BUICK! *snicker*

  20. Damien says:

    Oops forgot that would also make them the German truck version of say… GMC of Ford?

  21. Babken says:

    Pathetic viper,

    You feel rubbish in your dirty mercedes when driving next to BMW. BMW smashes mercedes dead, just like you are dead now because you like mercedes. And do you know what kind of people like mercedes? I’ll tell you: 1.old men who don’t know what the life is all about; 2.girls; 3.people who are morally weak and physically disabled. I guess you belong to groups 2 and 3.

    • viper says:

      even more pathetic barabaken…poor guy…all those facts belong to bmw , real men drive Benz , kids drive bmw , cocky arrogant sobs like u deserve to drive in a bmw and get crushed to death by a Benz Truck.

  22. kcsnayud says:

    um babken

    i agree with partly of what you say, bmw rules and merc sucks, but dont make fun of viper. I guess you never paid attention to my post of ‘stop fighting’ coime on guys. be closer to your enemies. the end

  23. Babken says:

    Hey, pathetic viper,
    Pussies like you drive mercedes, and real men drive BMW. BMW runs over your truck-like mercedes. I guess there was time when you were a man when you were driving BMW. But then somebody came over, fucked your dirty asshole from behind, and you became a mercedes fan.

  24. viper says:

    Edited for bad language..

  25. Babken says:

    You are a naughty cock-sucker… just like mercedes

  26. Babken says:

    By the way, viper,
    I hope you received my reply to your message sent on September 9, 2009. I hope you enjoyed it.

  27. Michael Phelps says:

    Gentlemen. The difference between the two really is who is actually going to spend 50+ grand on a car. People with that kinda money dont want a race car, they want something comfortable, practical, and something alot of people end up sacraficing these days when they buy a cheaper brand more more practicality, is BEAUTY!

    Look at BMW in the past 30 years, they are almost as lazy as Porsche when it comes to exterior designs. Every 6 years they do a suttle change to the way the car looks, same with the interior. If you have noticed a Mercedes Benz, you will notice that in the years since they first CREATED the automobile, they have took “CHANCES” and went outside the “envelope”, designed the car and changed it in its out going model, to look completly different. BMW still to this day shares the same style of headlights with the Same style grille.

    True ofcourse that isnt really BMW’s goal, their cars are AMAZING to drive, comfortable, i’ll be honest, its the best drivers car for the road. For the sorta person who likes to go on those long back country roads in the mountains, takes some corners at some fast speeds and yet still feel firm, supported, safe and yet having fun too.

    I’m the sorta person who has a passion for art, not so much art in a gallery, but for art in a car, looking at old Mercedes Benz’s from the 1960’s, or the original SL gullwing, breath taking cars, or even off topic, looking at a Pinin Farina Alfa Romeo Spyder or Ferrari… You catch my drift.

    The people who designed those cars had passion, they loved cars, they wanted to design something functional yet Beautiful all at the same time. Who here has noticed the transformation Mercedes Benz has taken over the past decade? True a decade ago they used to cut corners, their cars had MASSIVE quality issues and they werent all the most striking to look at.

    My point of argument is look at the BMW lineup, all of them, from the 3 series to the 7 series, all look the same, pretty much, they dont have their own personality, heart soul or mind, just ones 2 feet longer than the other. Same with the X3 and X5.

    Now look at the Mercedes Benz Line Up. All and i mean ALL have their own personality, function, BEAUTY and style. From the C class, E class to the S class, all have their own personality. Id say the only car that looks identical to another model is the C class with the Emblem on the hood like the S class. But all of them have something different, something for everyone, and if you want a high end performance car, they even have that as well.

    But what it comes down to is what do “YOU” want in a car? If you’re the sorta person who doesnt car about looks, just wants something fun to drive, then go for the BMW, i also bet you dont care what your house looks like, as long as it looks like a Typical German saloon car, alot of charcoal, blacks and whites, very bland. Not to be knocking you, it just seems to happen alot.

    But at the same time alot of people who dont know ANYTHING about cars will buy a Mercedes Benz as well. But atleast theres those who are true Enthuesiasts, who know about the racing pedigree and the History and the technology and the quality that a Mercedes Benz has in its Lineup, they are the different people, who have their own personality.

    So sure they showed up to the dinner party 3 seconds earlier than your than your friend in a CLS63, as you step out of your BMW M5, walking up feeling like you accomplished what you always dreamed of. Just remember this, when he rolls up through the circle driveway, with the water fall in the back drop, the birds, chirping, the gorgeous array of flowers, and the cobble stone pathway, all at the Dinner party will have to stand there and stare, looking past your dreary BMW and taking in the beauty, the scenery of a Magnificently built Mercedes Benz, and notice the man and his beautiful wife step out of this beautifully crafted machine, and will have to clap, and welcome that couple into the house… Not even noticing you in your technically faster BMW M5, and you will feel alone, and helpless, and you will have to kill yourself.

    But dont despair, theres a Mercedes Benz dealership down the street from you, and they deal generously and are willing to do a trade :)

    Was fun Gentlemen, have a good Night

  28. Babken says:

    Michael Phelps,

    If your pathetic mercedes was more special than BMW, they would b the leader in the premium market segment. But the leader is BMW, and this fact alone is enough to crown BMW as the king in the automobile segment. Mercedes is the 2nd and will stay in that place as long as BMW produces automobiles.
    By the way, as for the exterior beauty, I wouldn’t confuse BMW with another brand. I can’t say the same about your mercedes-benz which could be easily confused with lexus or other suchlike rubbish.

  29. kcsnyud says:

    hey michael phelps:

    are you really michael phelps? or is it a joke name.
    and if michael phelps loves mercedes benz, let him, as my dad loves them too.
    but you got the fact that all bmws look the same wrong.

    its mercedes that does same sausage different lengths not bmw. bmw DOES indeed have their own personality, wheras mercedes is the same the c lass is a mini s class, as well as glk, and sls mclaren. bmw is going ALL different.

  30. James Prisby says:

    MCLAREN F1. enough said.

  31. Elvis says:

    U bmw guys talk shit u can cum with all m-power model cars but i will give u just 1 amg model car dat will whip bmw away, try me bmw 760li g-power vs E v12 brabus cumon 760li dont stand a chance merc produces gud work hahaha

    • Babken says:

      You’re so ignorant and unaware that it’s waste of time quarreling with you. How can one stand a critisizm when he confuses amg with brabus. Anyway, here’s one name that will wipe out both amg and brabus: G-POWER.

  32. asshole says:

    only bitches and fags drive these overpriced pieces of shit. try a ‘vette…if you can handle one.

  33. Mb says:

    i am a bmw fan, my brother had a e36 328i and it was AMAZING, but come on people, bmw may sell more than mercedes but it dont mean they are better? and the biased idiot who made this get your facts right ‘BMW tries C1 city bike; Mercedes launches Smart; no. if bmw had released that stupid bike thing, fair enough, but they didnt, mercedes made smart which is a city car then bmw bought mini and tried making a city car or whatever it is…….also, bmw may be better on the track but u aint gona be track racing everyday are you? your gona be driving around, and when ur at a traffic light and u pull away in a m5, its gona look and sound like a 520i m sport with 4 exhaust pipes and a 100 pounds air filter, where as if u pull away in a e63 or a e55….it will leave u breathless. also im not dissing bmw, i love it but i begin to hate it when people try saying its better than mercedes. because it isnt!!!! if ur 20 and u pull up to a party in a 335i, your not gona get as much respect as u would if u pulled up in a c350…ill give u a perfect example of how mercedes is better, if u get a clk 500, and you get a bmw m3 csl, driving the m3 is like having sex with kim kardashian, proper hardcore sex with spanking and doggystyle and all that, you cant drive the m3 slowly, you just cant cruise into the sunset with it, where as if ur driving a e500 coupe is like having some good slow sex with megan fox or angelina jolie, its relaxed and respectable, you cruise in it in auto, and if u want to put your foot down, it will still perform like a m3 but slower!!!!!!!!!! bmws are shit, they try to hard, i sat in a 70k m3 the other day and sat in a 30 k 320i and the only difference inside was the flappy paddle gear box, everything was the same, even the exterior apart from the crappy plastic exhaust! and a e63 would kill a m5, a s65 would kill a 760, a c63 would spank a m3, a sl 65 amg would literally vomit in ANY bmws face, pick one beemer that would beat ANY sl, fuck the 65, even a 55 or 63 can beat any beemer

    • Babken says:

      Visit, draw comparison between competing BMW and Mercedes-Benz models and get disappointed with both Mercedes-Benz and yourself. By the way, in order to somehow keep up with BMW M cars on the straight line, your MB can do nothing but to put pathetically large 6.2 litre displacement engines in their amg trucks. But even that’s not enough.

  34. Donnie Snyder says:

    Our family drives both BMW and Mercedes, they’re both wonderful in their own ways. I drive an S65 AMG as I only have one car its my daily driver, my fun car and my haul tile home from Lowes all in one that embarrasses any car willing to challenge it. My mom has had an X5 4.4i sport in the past and it was a wonderful truck very fun to drive for an SUV and held up very well till it had about 80k on it, then the nickel and diming took place. It was replaced by a Cayenne Turbo, it had top notch acceleration and handling but the interior and electronics were poor as well as the reliability. Lots of problems and squealing brake pads later it was replaced by a BMW 750i M-sport X-drive. The 7 has been a good car only a check engine light once in the 18k miles on it. The included maintenance is a very nice touch but the car is one of the most unloved cars in our family history. The car lacks passion in its drive, or a soul as a car enthusiast would put it. It has very un BMW like handling and power delivery, almost Lexus-like. The interior needs some work as well. For being the flagship and being $120,000+ the leather is stiff, the wood is not nice, the speakers don’t elevate the senses, and the seats are not comfortable at all. The massage feature doesn’t actually touch your back instead it twists your spine by tilting the cushion side to side… No idea. Now that the most unloved was called out lets get to the best. The 2006 M5, naturally aspirated V10 SMG, custom exhaust. Its amazing, it makes you smile, the exhaust is sinful and demonically intoxicating. The transmission is spot on, the handling is perfect, the interior is A+, beautiful nappa leather, real honey walnut wood trim, black suede headliner, it leaves you wanting nothing but warm weather so you can listen to the exhaust. My close group of car enthusiast friends came up with BMW making better smaller cars, while Mercedes focuses on making the best at the top of its lineups. I think either companys shine in their own ways, depending on what your looking for.

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