BMW will introduce 15 new EfficientDynamics models in Australia by year’s end

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Our Aussie friends at CarAdvice are reporting that by the end of this year, BMW will introduce fifteen new EfficientDynamics models in Australia.

While those of us that live in the U.S. are getting, so far, only two ED models, the Australian consumers will have a wide range of choices when it comes to BMW fuel efficient vehicles.

The new models include ten new 1 Series and five 3 Series models, all of them already available in the European market as well.

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The new 3 Series models are:

  • 320d Executive Touring – $61,500
  • 320d Coupe – $67,500
  • 320d Convertible – $80,400
  • 330d Coupe – $91,900
  • 330d Convertible – $104,850

The new 1 Series models include:

  • 118d Sports Hatch 6-speed manual – $42,170
  • 118d Sports Hatch 6-speed steptronic – $44,370
  • 123d Sports Hatch 6-speed manual – $50,790
  • 123d Sports Hatch 6-speed steptronic – $53,070
  • 123d Coupe 6-speed manual – $57,900
  • 123d Coupe 6-speed steptronic – $60,864
  • 118d Convertible 6-speed manual – $52,900
  • 118d Convertible 6-speed steptronic – $55,655
  • 123d Convertible 6-speed manual – $67,200
  • 123d Convertible 6-speed steptronic – $69,955

The X3 line-up will get the high-seller 2.0 liter diesel engine and the new 7 Series will add the 730d model.

In 2010, there will be twenty-three EfficientDynamics models introduced in Australia, including the new X3 and 5 Series.

In between 2006 and 2008, BMW reduced the fuel consumption of its entire fleet by 16.3 per cent, the highest number within the European premium market, followed by Volkswagen with 4.4 per cent reduction in fuel consumption.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW will showcase an impressive number of EfficientDynamics vehicles, including a new concept.

[Source: Car Advice ]