BMW 250tti Supercar Concept – When renderings go too far

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You all know that we love renderings, especially the ones of BMW models, but sometimes you come across an artist that goes too far. Back …

You all know that we love renderings, especially the ones of BMW models, but sometimes you come across an artist that goes too far.

Back in May, the Iranian artist Emil Baddal came up with an interesting BMW Superport concept, a rendering fairly appreciated by the community, but today, he returns with a new concept study designed under the name BMW 250tti Supersport.

While the name sounds exciting, the design is totally “overdone”. The rendering shows a “Batmanish” type of vehicle that has absolutely nothing in common with the BMW spirit…okay, I’ll give him this, the 3 Series Sedan front grille is kinda visible.

bmw 250tii 4 655x351

We do support from time to time these independent artists and we like to give them props for their work, but this time, we’ll go with thumbs down.

Yes, we know, he got the exposure he probably wanted to, but that doesn’t make us fans of this work…..

Next please!

[Source: Designerspace via Carscoop ]

22 responses to “BMW 250tti Supercar Concept – When renderings go too far”

  1. Vaybach Khan says:

    this guy had problems in childhood…
    i saw post at carscoop and i thought u wont post this here…but hey we need to see it all…the good and the bad…
    damn its like a child trying to draw a car and fail at his attempt…

  2. Mathius says:

    You guys are really assholes, this poor guy has dreams and draws out his vision of a cool car and you post it on here mocking him? Seriously, FUCK THIS SITE. I dont care if you delete my post.

    This is horrible what you people are doing. Ill tell you who had problems in childhood, YOU DID. Didnt you ever draw cars on your notebook in school? If you didnt then you had problems. If you did, how would you like it if I took those, posted them up and made fun of you. While the design is radical and not to my taste at all, there are certain elements that I like. This is obviously the guys style and i’m not going to fault him for that for expressing his vision. I dont think he submitted his picture to you and asked you for your mocking opinion, you guys are picking on a poor car designer with his own taste. I officially hate this site.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Mathius, no one would delete your comment. He should accept criticism, the same as we praised him in the past. We have to keep an objective opinion and clearly, this is not his best design.

      We learned that we can’t please everyone, some people get mad if we post renderings, others like them, some renderings are better than others, etc….

      Now please don’t use any insulting words, let’s keep this civilized.

      And please read our article, we did not make fun of him, we said that it doesn’t have the BMW “feeling” and we can’t praise THIS design.
      Once he submits the renderings on the web, he’s asking for an opinion and we are entitled to ours. Look at Carscoop, they didn’t praise it either.

    • wazon says:

      Mathius, if an artist didn’t want to hear critics about his works, he shoudn’t publish it. After publishing his vision, he should expect that there will be people expressing their opinion about his project. This is natural thing that this artist shouldn’t be surprised by. Otherwise, he should save this project for himself. As far as we can see, he published this vision, so we got right to say what we think about it.

      I don’t like this project, car looks as if it was tuned by young driver who puts big body kit which don’t fit to the rest of car. Or even worse, because this car contains only such elements. There is nothing in it that could make one to feel that it’s premium class car and this is a reason why it should never be BMW. Anyway, if published his project, he should expect that people will say what they think about it.

      Maybe, first comment was a little bit too harsh, but don’t exaggerate, this is only way of expessing thoughts, some kind of metaphorical speech.

    • Vaybach Khan says:

      Well this was funny to me..clearly this Mathius guy is not so much itelligent person..and has some anger management issus…
      as far as from national point of view im from Serbia…
      so everything you said have no arguments…
      i like this posts of various artist..and i respect his effort..but i just DONT LIKE IT!
      off course VIPER always have different opinion then others…i just think VIPER do not have ability to have his own opinion…

  3. Mathius says:

    I fully support this artist and intend to find his email and tell him so. There are alot of negative people in the world, the fact that you include his nationality implies to me that you probably take offense to his culture which makes your deeds even worse and very suspect, its no surprise that americans hate iran.

    This isnt about pleasing anyone as you call it. This is about respect for someones work, you are the kind of asshole american who everyone hates because you are insulting. I looked at carscoop, i will visit them from now on, they said they didnt like it but they didnt go out of their way to insult his work like you did, because you are an asshole.

    I am not at all able to do anything past make a drawing in my notebook, the day that I can make a 3d design out of a vision in my head is the day I will say insulting thigs about his work, until I can achieve that level then I am in no place to insult someone. Maybee you should look to your president on how you are supposed to treat other people and act like a decent person instead of making fun of people who work hard and obviously have a passion for something

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Now you went too far…bringing politics and everything into this it’s just wrong.

      Conversation is over, I gave you a chance to be respectful, but you blew it. Next comment will be deleted.

      If you were a loyal reader of our site, you would know how fair we are and there is no racism here.

      We don’t tolerate this kind of behavior on the blog, even though we’re liberal.

    • Artmic says:

      did you just bring in Obama into this conversation?
      Obama is no better than Bush, wake up man, i feel sorry for you, you got political correctness shoved so far up your ass it is coming out of your mouth.

  4. Matt Stokes says:

    Well the technical ability is there, and FWIW, aside from the front it’s not a bad looking machine… but if it didn’t have a kidney grille and BMW badges in it, it could be anything, that would be my objection.

  5. Artmic says:

    The side of the car looks ok, the front looks like someone had an accident.

  6. Giom says:

    I would just like to say to Kamil: Take the crits and learn from them. One thing I’ve learned from receiving very unpleasent critique, is to ignore it. BUT! The crits that disect your design – take note. In a few years time, when you look back on this car, you’ll see what people saw – and realize that you’ve grown in the meantime.

    Crits are great!

    About the car… I’m mostly with Horatiu on this, except to say that I kinda like the back. With lots of tweaking and changing, it could be stunning. AND, I’d work on my rendering and materials a bit, especially the wheels.

    Horatiu – Just ignore the above person, we all have issues – some more than others, but this dude is seriously out of line. PLEASE, never stop posting private designs and never stop being honest with your opinion! Thats how we learn!

  7. clast says:

    well i dont care what you guy are really talking about…im just curious is this thing aerodynamic? -__-

  8. viper says:

    shut up everyone…
    this car is amazing , great job whoever did this….sadly bmw has no balls to build something like this…
    yet another bmw fantasy

    • wazon says:

      Financial crisis is not great time for building supercar and it would be senseless to work on such car right now since most of supercars generate loss of money which is something BMW shouldn’t allow on when their sale goes down. Audi subsidizes to R8, MB – to SLR and so on. If you need more vivid example, Porsche had “balls” to build only cars that are close to supercars and VW bought or will buy 40% of its shares out. Everything because Porsche don’t have cars that would make survivng in hard financial times possible. And right now they don’t have enough “balls” to stay independent. Maybe BMW will make supercar some day, but it won’t be during financial crisis IMO.

  9. X5 SoB says:

    Man, Horatio, if you wanted to provoke passionate blogging you couldn’t have done a better job! I guess you’re not entitled to your opinion anymore. Anyway…

    I like this design, but you are correct in assessment that this is not BMW design language. In fact, I’d like to call it the “Anti-Hoffmeister”!

  10. Hantra says:

    Errr. . . ok can I actually comment on the post here instead of engaging in a flame war?

    “The rendering shows a “Batmanish” type of vehicle that has absolutely nothing in common with the BMW spirit”

    I would like to know what part of the new 7, or E90 exhibits the BMW spirit? I mean when you roll up on a new 7, you don’t know whether it’s a Lexus LS until you’re all over it. The E90 is all Honda’d out now with this homogeneous design trend they are following. I just don’t think there is a “BMW spirit” anymore in their new designs.

  11. AutoCritical says:

    To be fair and critical:
    There is merit to this design. Did you see the side rockers? There is ‘out of the box’ thinking there. The bonnet is interesting in a good sense, although a bit rough….

    The front is a bit too blocky, and needs refinement…perhaps in a more production sense….

    I like how the belt line shoots up to the spoiler on the rear and how the rear lights open up to the area around the name place location…

    Not sure about the after-markety lower diffuser, and the proportions are a bit too matchboxy…Surfaces are a bit boring though…not as wild as the graphical elements!

    So there is merit to this design, its not like its a proposal for the next BMW production car. But perhaps more of a car that is a fantasy with hints of production design elements.

  12. Brunotke says:

    many others and myself think this is a FANTASTIC design! a great combination of bmw flavor…the car looks so aggressive and i bet would feel even more so, i think its about time BMW had a vehicle that people could label as “aggressive” and not just, “sporty”……again…great design, i think your just trying to suppress talent!

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