We pride ourselves in being an online publication that covers everything and anything BMW related, from news, test drives, spy photos to auto shows, racing and many other subjects. We always try to find different angles and new subjects with the clear scope to offer every BMW fans bits of information they are interested in. Over the course of last 10-12 months, we learned that many of you are huge BMW Motorsport fans, from the once exciting Formula 1 Championship to MotorGP competitions and American LeMans racing in the U.S.

Our goal for this year was to attend an F1 race with the BMW Sauber Team and also, an American LeMans race with the BMW Rahal Letterman team. While our dreams to see live a Formula 1 race with the BMW Sauber team might have been shuttered for us this year and in the near future, we are excited to announce that we will be attending the Road America race this weekend with the BMW Rahal Letterman team.

Now you know that our goal is to involve you as much as we can in our activities, either by requesting feedback, advice or simply providing you a way to be connected to us through different channels. Today, we are going to ask for your input and most important, we will be “your voice” at the American LeMans event.

Since we are going to conduct several interviews with key people in the BMW Rahal Letterman team(drivers, Bobby Rahal, engineers, BMW Motorsport), we think it will be a great idea to give you the chance to ask your own questions.

So, we will use this article as a way to collect all the questions that you might have for the team, questions that relate to the amazing technology in the M3 GT2, the engineering behind it, future plans for the team, drivers feedback, etc….ANYTHING goes.

You have until Saturday morning to submit the questions you would like us to ask either through the comment box below or if you prefer, directly on Twitter. As usual, we will provide live coverage and photos on Facebook, Twitter and of course, directly on the blog.