BMW is stepping up their marketing efforts in promoting and bringing upfront their diesel technology in the U.S. BMW sells the 335d sedan and X5 xDrive35d to the American consumers and these two vehicles are part of the “EfficientDynamics” program.

The marketing campaign will focus on print and online media, but also on cable TV. Since their launch late last year, the BMW diesel sales in the U.S. have been slow, but the latest reports indicate that the $4,500 rebate will push the sales up.

A new campaign breaking Sunday from BMW will attempt to change Americans’ long-held perception that diesel fuel is a dirty word, Anthony Crupi reports. It’s all part of an “EfficientDynamics” initiative promoting BMW’s 335d sedan and X5 xDrive35d crossover on cable TV, in print and online.

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On Sunday, Aug. 16, the first of two 30-second diesel spots will appear during the season-three premiere of AMC’s original drama series, Mad Men. BMW is the exclusive sponsors of the show.

According to Brandweek, the spots will follow these scenarios:

Each of the new spots begins in darkness. In a voiceover, actor Brian Unger tells viewers: “Americans are always finding ways to be more responsible,” at which point, a canopy of energy efficient lightbulbs begin to illuminate the scene. Flanked by a milk-white 335d sedan and an equally clean X5, Unger pitches viewers on BMW’s “commitment to lower emissions while enhancing the thrill of the drive.” The spot ends with Unger promising that BMW drivers will “find responsibility quite exhilarating.”

A second spot echoes the first, only in this execution, Unger reveals that BMW is offering a “$4500 eco credit,” or rebate, on the 335d and X5 diesel. That offer is valid through Aug. 31.

In addition to the Mad Men premiere, the BMW commercials will appear on other television as well: Bravo’s Top Chef Las Vegas and Top Chef Masters; TNT original dramas The Closer, Leverage and Dark Blue; Travel Channel’s Man v. Food and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations; Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild and Mythbusters; and the Sept. 22 season finale of Syfy’s Warehouse 13.

Patric McKenna, manager of marketing communications at BMW, talks about the campaign: “One of the things our research showed us is that affluent Americans don’t want to sacrifice performance for fuel efficiency”. As we have seen in our own 335d and X5d test drives, the new diesel technology has really narrowed the gap between the gasoline powered engine and diesel powerplants. Some power is being sacrificed, but the increased torque makes for a fun and powerful drive.

An interested slogan will be used on one of the banners that will appear on several large online publications: “Mr President, perhaps we can be of some assistance”.

[Source: Brandweek ]

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