MotorAuthority Renders the 2011 BMW 5 Series Wagon

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As we get closer to the unveiling date early next year, the next generation BMW 5 Series comes back in focus. 5 Series vehicles have …

As we get closer to the unveiling date early next year, the next generation BMW 5 Series comes back in focus. 5 Series vehicles have always been played an important role in the BMW line-up over the years and the latest news is that BMW’s budget allocated to the new model will reflect that.

The fellows at MotorAuthority take their turn at rendering the next 5er and the result is inline with some of the other attempts we have seen in the past: a significant 7 Series influence at the front-end. As represented in this rendering also, the new F11 5 Series Wagon has grown in size and the rear-end sports a more coupeish like roof.

The sportiness allure of the current 5 Wagon model has been carried over onto the new model and expanded even further. The BMW 5 Series Wagon is considerably lower and sleeker than the Gran Turismo version, still keeping that sportiness much needed by the BMW buyers. While the new 5 Series Touring/Wagon will continue to play an important role in Europe, the question whether BMW will phase them out in the U.S. still remains.

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The Wagon model will still appeal to the same consumers as it did before, larger families or people looking for more interior space and cargo room, without having to jump into an SUV or break the bank by buying the more expensive 5er GT.

The 2011 BMW 5 Series models will be powered by a large variety of engines, from diesel and gas powerplants, to a rumored hybrid version in the future. The entry level 5er will be the 520d powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and the 523i with its 2.5 liter straight six powerplant. The high-end 550i will make use of the now popular 4.4 liter V8 twin-turbo engine.

Despite the increased size, BMW has managed to keep the performance levels high by the extensive use of lightweight materials including carbon-fiber and aluminum.The new 2011 BMW 5 Series will use an all-steel chassis which uses special techniques to process the steel and as a result, the steel layers are lighter yet stronger. There will also be more aluminum, composite plastics and magnesium parts used in F10/F11 5 Series.

The control-arm front suspensions will replace the MacPherson Struts and at the rear, there will be a multi-link layout.

BMW will unveil the new 2011 BMW 5 Series at the Geneva Motor Show next year.

[Source: MotorAuthority ]