Edmunds renders the BMW Sports Concept Car

Rumors | August 9th, 2009 by 22
bmw concept f34 950 750x500

Let us start first by saying that we don’t even know what to name this highly classified BMW concept car that has been rumored for …

Let us start first by saying that we don’t even know what to name this highly classified BMW concept car that has been rumored for months to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It all started with a future Z2 Concept, then Vision Z or Z6/Z10 and more recently the M1 Concept Hybrid.

As you can see, lots of names being thrown out there, some probably more realistic than others, but this what a marketing department has to do, create buzz, misinform sometimes and fish around for feedback.

So, let’s go with the flow and continue down this path. The fellows at Edmunds InsideLine are jumping into this game as well and decided to render this concept based on their ideas and apparently, insider information.

bmw concept f34 950 655x344

According to them, the idea behind the renderings was to create a design competing with the the Mercedes CLS or the Audi A7, not a coupe vehicle, but rather a sedan with a “coupeish” roof line. We do see some CS design elements in there and also plenty of design cues from the BMW concept spy shots revealed earlier this week.

With just a month away from its unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the rumors and speculations around this new concept will continue to evolve and without a doubt, more renderings will follow.

bmw concept r34 950 655x344

[Source: Edmunds ]

22 responses to “Edmunds renders the BMW Sports Concept Car”

  1. Vaybach Khan says:

    very cool ,i just looove the headlights..just to know its bmw first,not one77 :)…best upside down grill done in renderings is 4th pic above at related posts…,this one is ok but bmw allways had straight up ,how to call,stripes into grill…and noone had the idea thats similar with gina grill where kidneys are regular but the lines that surrounds the kidneys imatate upside down grill …chek it out…

  2. DMLGC says:

    Well at least BMW is dropping the stupid running boards they put on the X6. Similar to very stretched X6 without big rear end. This is the future of BMW models to come.

  3. wazon says:

    I like, it has a lot in common with CS Concept. They could finally deliever such car.

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    The front is a bit to massive for me…not digging the grille

  5. Rad Dockery says:

    Not attractive. Bring back Bangle

  6. monolith says:

    Horatiu, please stopping making these “renders” seem like real news.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I’m not sure I understand what you meant….those renders were made by Edmunds..Read their article please.

      • monolith says:

        This is not what the car will look like at all. It is photoshop guys being called in to “mock up” the last model with whatever cool new plugin they just got. Even if it is Edmonds. Be better by being real. This only hypes what wont be coming out.

        • monolith says:

          In other words, let me ask why you publish this to your page?

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Why do I publish that? Seriously….let’s not get into this discussion now, I’ve been down this road in the past.

            Let’s keep the conversation going and please keep in mind, that NOBODY said this will be the “real car”. As you might have noticed, we tend to post lots of BMW related news, that includes these silly renderings that pop up sometimes.

      • L1ndja says:

        Horatiu dont listen to them more news is all ways better.

  7. Javier says:

    This is Freddy Krueger’s bimmer… Good God don’t let them produce anything resembling this.

  8. Stratus650 says:

    looks fugly IMO, im sure the real deal is not even close to this

  9. JoeDoe says:

    By coming up with this crap, the guys at Edmunds have blown all chances to get a job at BMW. Thank God the ED department knows what it’s doing.

  10. This model could have the 4 series for a model designation. Even numbers are traditionally the performance models of the BMW family. Looks superb though what engine? maybe the new M 555hp from the x6M.

  11. conrad says:

    very ugly

  12. Artmic says:

    The headlights are ugly as hell. :)
    damn, this station wagon, hatchback does nothing for me.

  13. AutoCritical says:

    Keep up the good work Horatiu – If i was a BMW fan, even if it was just about the styling, at least there is ONE place I can count on for having all the latest news and predictions to keep my news up to date….

    THIS IS THAT PLACE, and this is where I come for all things BMW!

  14. AutoCritical says:

    Oh, and about the design, not sure about the peaky rear end… but if it helps with the actual drag coefficient, then i guess it makes it efficient! Efficiently dynamic! *solved the puzzle*

  15. Samir says:

    One of the worst looking cars I have ever seen.

  16. LBOOGY says:

    What ever the hell it is, I like it! It’s different and very aggresive looking. If BMW does bring this car to fruitition, than Audi, Porsche, Benz, VW, and Lexus, oh, and Caddy, Lol, will have something to truly worry about…

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