Rendering based on the BMW Sports Car leaked photos

Rumors | August 7th, 2009 by 48
bmw concept   vison z by jonsibal

As you noticed in the title, we’re refraining from giving any name to the Concept car spotted a few days ago. In the BMW community, there is no consensus so far, some believe we’re looking at the BMW Vision Z Concept, others refer to it as the 6 Series GT and to go even further, some believe this is the past rumored BMW X4.

So for now, until we get all the facts straight, let’s just refer to it as the BMW Sports Car concept since it is indeed a sportier than usual bimmer. With that being said, our friend Jon Sibal used his magic photoshop skills to unveil what’s hiding underneath that cover.

Of course, it is just an attempt and it might not even be close to the “real deal”, but hey….we do enjoy these renderings and they’re great at making good conversation. So let’s see what Jon had in mind when he decided to draw this car:

bmw concept   vison z by jonsibal 655x396

So I decided to fire up the ‘ol Photoshop and have a go to see what’s underneath that skin tight plastic cover. As I slowly peal off the cover, there are some prominent lines like the headlight area and the upturned kidney grills that pops up right away. I then just did my thing and “filled in the blanks”. The BMW C-pillar design feature “Hoffmeister kink” is still there but now surrounded by a new shape. I didn’t like the “slave wheels” they used, so I swapped a better set of wheels to replace it.

I kept it at the same ride height as in the base picture, although I feel that it will probably be lower when being shown. I also intended not to add the sideview mirrors so to keep the same shape as seen in the base picture.

Here is also a transition animation of before and after:

[Source: Jon Sibal ]

48 responses to “Rendering based on the BMW Sports Car leaked photos”

  1. Ramon Juarez says:

    For me this is definitively not the X4, it does not look like an X model, it looks and I agree like the new 6 series GT.

  2. Dede says:

    I like it. Great rendering.

  3. Samir says:

    Sorry, but it doesnt look like a BMW. I don’t like it at all.

  4. Artmic says:

    please, this looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer.

  5. Lariv says:

    Looks too much like a Lancer.

    • Samir says:

      Looks like BMW is heading the wrong direction with this design. I thought Bangle was bad, but the new guy is even worst! With sales crashing down due to economy theres no room for failure!

  6. wazon says:

    Very convincing rendering, unfortuantely this car is too similar to Lancer X. Damn, it has the same grill. Hope that they put some dummy on real face of car to mislead renders and fans. Flat headlights in this shape are too Japanese eighter. I prefer something like in 3-er. It’s unique to BMW and I saw some renderings that put these lights to supercar. Result was great.

    • wazon says:

      BTW I would fail designer for something like this – copying Lancer. Better idea is to allude to previous 6-er stylics and some new trends in stylics of 7-er, 5 GT and Z4 2009. Car should be recognizable as BMW, not as Japanese car to which some crazy fan put BMW’s badge. I hasn’t been so disappointed by BMW’s designer yet.

  7. Ho-Chul says:

    Great rendering.

  8. Shrawan Raja says:

    Jon Sibal is king! This is a super duper representation.

  9. Giom says:

    That is very well done!

    But hang on guys… Don’t shoot it down yet, we havn’t seen the actual car yet. Some of you are being very harsh on the designers without seeing the car.

  10. _Auday_ says:

    great job Jon! this rendered front looks better than what I imagined it would be.

    Still, this cut front face looks kinda weird … lets wait and see, it’s only a month

  11. Mauro Corti says:

    Well i just hope they change this lancer shape at the front, than it will be really good

  12. viper says:

    I think its about 95% the real deal….
    looks worse than I thought , looks much like lancer and the whole car looks like its from 1989…..what the hell is wrong with them making such bullshit with no originality and out of date boxy design….. so much for a surprise , this thing is ridiculous even old generation c class looks better

    • Giom says:

      This remark is a bit harsh, considering we havn’t even seen the car yet. I guess the tradition of bashing BMW in advance continues… :(

    • Vaybach Khan says:

      dude just go to audi or merc blog or mybe a mitshubishi if there is one….and yes i love ’80s bmws!! (?)

      • viper says:

        good for u , I m not fan of lancer or anything Im just sick and tired of this bullshit and a car that I once loved, bmw , they cant make shit these days , I know I bitch about this and that but the truth is if I had the money right now Id skip the best bmw available whatever M5 or 760 and buy myself S600 or SL , I just think MB is the king , always was and will be and bmw just isnt in that league anymore. a lot of things missing in bmw

        • wazon says:

          Yuo’re kidding, right? I would rather say that MB stoped to be the same league. Their AMG cars are poor constructions when compared to its M counterparts. They delivered new E-class this year and it doesn’t even have better performance than six years old 5 serie. Of course, it is more luxury than e60, but e60’s rival is rather W211 and it doesn’t seem to be more luxury at all. Most funny thing about MB is that it’s the only premium car producer who deliever such shitty made cars as M-class an A-class. These cars has problems with rost from their “born”. It concern both previous and present generations. S-Klasse is really great car and has full of innovations on a board. It’s a car that one can admire a lot, of course if this one has enough patient for unreliable electronics. From this simple reason I would prefer 7-serie. Morover, brand new 7-er seems to go head a head with S-class, so for prefering S-class I would need a reason, which I think it would be actually hard to find, since 7-er is better driving car (unless you spend most of time on rear seat). Wherever something is missing, it’s easier to find examples in MB products. But you made me curious, what is missed in BMW’s cars?

          • viper says:

            dude?! are u serious?.. I wonder where do u get all those poor facts…AMG? better than M , why? , more luxury than M , more power than M , more torque than M , better looking than M , expensive too…oh and by the way I see more MB cars with a million kilometers and over on taho than any bmw….M class aint shitty , A class is a small town car I dont see much point there but who cares….S class is the daddy , 7er is good but it doesnt match with the prestige of S class…lets face it , bmw is all horsepower and high revs and sport and handling precision and lap times , MB is all that and much much more , maybe not that good on tarck but who cares about that , its all about driving comfort and luxury and driving fast on autobahn , watch the star on the hood aim at the cars and all that…just kidding….
            what is missed in bmw? well in my opinion alot. for example ur bmw doesnt have anything to compete with B class , R class , CL class , SLR or SLS , S AMGs , CLS class , GL class , G class , put an AMG badge on everything and u have such a huge selection of everything that there is out there , for example SL Black Series is something ur best bmw cannot compete with , SLR is a supercar with quality and price tag that u can buy five new 760 series , ur bmw will never ever ever make such car. they are not competitive . MB looks better and has a better presence on the road , it is more respected than bmw. it IS a better car in general and thats period. ur probably still a kid and thats why u like cocky bmw cars more. this is really ridiculous everybody knows whos the best , obviously u dont , let me tell u boy , follow the star and grow up. I did too.

          • wazon says:

            Viper, don’t talk the shit about me, ok? Let me explain you few things. First of all, I’ve got a lot in common with MB. My father has driven MB cars since W124. And most of cars that he bought after W124, I can consider only as disappointing. W210 was pretty poor car, had problems with rost. Then there was M W163, rost again. Another MB was very prestigious S W220. Unfotunately, this car had problems with electronics, something that shouldn’t be in prestigious car, should it? Then M W164, nothing chagne, rost and rost once again – is this the feature of premium class car? Presently, S W221 – unfortunately, electronics is still shitty.

            I think that you are the guy who actually don’t have too much common with recently produced MB. The last MB with milion km on tacho I saw a long time ago (not mentioning about some weak diesels that should be produce only in taxi color). W124 could make huge milage, but it had 3.0 litre diesel with few horsepowers on output. You compare milage of such cars with milage of M’s. Man, what’s wrong with you? M cars are spotive cars, you won’t make milion km with any AMG eighter. Going back to nineties, I had 530i V8 e34 and this car had above 500.000km on tacho. Pethrol engines from MB were making similar milage. My brother’s 525d e60 made 490.000 without much difficult before he sold it and as far as I know this car still on a road. Nice milage with good performance.

            About luxury: Do you really think that C-class is more luxury than 3-serie, that E-class is more luxury than 5-serie. Tell me, on what is your opinion basing? I had more than many opportunities to compare luxury of MB cars with BMW cars and don’t find nothing special in MB that I cannot find in its BMW counterpart, excluding S-class, at least up to recent 7-serie.

            M is a way ahead of AMG. Behind AMG cars (excluding SLR and Black Series) lies pretty simple idea, take engine with big capacity and make car that is good on straight run, not necessarily on a track. BMW deliever innovative cars with superb engines, superb handling and feel of drive. Once again, I don’t see MB AMG more luxury cars than M. And I wonder what exactly did make you thinking that C AMG is more luxury than M3, E AMG than M5 and so on wherever you find couterpart. Give some concrets. Who cars about handling? Everybody who wants to have some fun from driving, crude accelerating on Autobahn is boring, taking corners faster and faster gives much more fan. And there BMW is away better.

            You are the first person I met who assess particular concern by considering range of models they provide. BMW simply doesn’t produce some cars and that’s all, but why treat it as a weakness? Do you think that if they produced supercar, they wouldn’t sell it for a similar money as MB sells its SLR? They would find a buyers with ease. BTW, SLR became femous some day as most expensive car with plastic elemnts in dashboard. Don’t forget about it, when you think about quality. Yes, CLK 63AMG Black Series is pretty competitive, although you could always find even not fresh BMW that would manage with it, namely M3 GTR. There is rather hard to find something against SL 65AMG in BMW offert. Still how could you overlook the fact that MB needs bigger engines to compete with BMW?
            E63AMG W211 means shit when compared with M5e60, despite the fact that it had bigger torgue. MB still has problems with producing 7gear gear-box which could manage with 1000Nm (as in CL 65AMG). Even MB themself consider it as a problem. And it’s funny, bacause BMW had such gear-box four years ago! (SMGIII from M5e60 manage with 1000Nm after Currency Motor supercharged its V10 (1000Nm, 810PS)).

            Star makes no impression on me at all, espcially that I have a lot of opportunities to recognize how “prestigious” MB are. And please don’t call everyone who likes feel car and find joy in driving “kid”.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Guys, you know we don’t mind arguments and all the other MB, Audi or other luxury brand fans are welcome, but as long as we don’t insult each other. So far the blog did really well because we have a good crowd of people, passionate, smart, etc…so let’s not ruin it by using insults like we see on some forums.

            We have NEVER deleted a comment from an MB or Audi fan, and we will never do that, heck..some of us on here own both brands or more….ok, enough parenting, continue the conversation since we’re learning some new things also :)

  13. Paul says:

    Tight rims! Anyone know where to buy those rims???

  14. X5 SoB says:

    Man, I never thought I’d see BMW haters on this site, I might as well go back to Jalopnik…
    This design obviously attempts to capture some the design language from the M1Hommage, as such a recapitulation of an 80s icon, so yeah, it looks a little 80s. Still it is a dynamic design, as opposed to the backpedaling designs seen recently.

  15. Dennis says:

    ye it reminds me of a lancer but it luks ok i think… the back reminds me of an x6 for sum reason…

  16. viper says:

    u really think that there is a miracle waiting underneath that?
    I belive my eyes , u obviously are in love with bmw 1980s

  17. Vaybach Khan says:

    sick design!!!by the height it seems to be 6gt or maybe a 3gt noone get tht idea..cause there was some rumors that 3gt will be show at frankfurt show…IT DOSNT LOOK LIKE LANCER AT ALL!!! its just narrow shape that reminds you on lancer ..and if you want aggressive design this is the shape…except the grill on the real deal will be slighty different…great rendering also!

    • wazon says:

      Its grill is copy of Lancer. I like its back (which reminds me CS concept) and side alot (there it looks like I expected BMW should looks like: agressive spotiveness), but front’s look is devastated by this grill. My opinion is pretty subjective, because if Mitsu wouldn’t make car with such grill, I would say that this design is great, but now… its fornt has too much in common with that of Lancer. I would prefer mix of ideas we can find in M1 hommage, CS and 6-er generation. It would look better, if kidneys were shift a little foreward. It would remove hollow on a front, recently characteristic for Lancer (unfortunately).

  18. monolith says:

    Ohh look a rendering of what it doesn’t look like. Who cares about false pictures. What is this? A popular science cover?

  19. badger says:

    not an x4
    why would they build another SAV when the X1 is coming

  20. Samir says:

    I think a great exterior design is a design you fall in love with at first site instead of letting it grow on you.

  21. Frederico Silva says:

    Really nice animation, with that, we can that the rendering is really good =DD

  22. Giom says:

    Here’s to all the above people that accused BMW of copying…

    “This is not the BMW eco concept going to the Frankfurt motor show, but a five-year-old design study, according to the company.

    A spokesman for BMW this morning told Autocar that it is a model being moved from the central design facility.”

    Get those pantyhoses back on boys… he he he!

  23. Looks great may be a series 4 as even numbers are the performance BMWs.

  24. Samir says:

    The X6 is BMW’s first car I dislike to this day and never would buy it. The X5 on the otherhand was a grandslam especially the new X5M. Very honored & proud to call it a ”BMW”.

  25. Samir says:

    By the way the X6 looks like a swelled up 650i with a rare kidney disorder.

  26. viper says:

    by looking at it for five seconds I came up with this>
    this is by far the worst so yesterday concept I have ever saw

  27. conrad says:

    hope this is not what it would look like. Very ugly…

  28. viper says:


    seriously u really think that ur opinion matters? or my? bmw better MB better , that is a matter of opinion and no one here cares about it… u think ur right with ur little speech about rost and electronics and all that? maybe it does involve some models and series but u cannot generalize things based on that. it is pathetic. where do u live? maybe u bought a mercedes from a facory in Spain? dude , think what u want , seriously I owned a 3 series once , almost a base model , bmw without full equipment and strong engine really is a poor choice. better buy a volvo or accord or something like that. Ill skip the M vs AMG part , Id take E63 or CLS63 or S65 or SL 65 over any M , any day any time any place whatever AMG are kick ass machines..M is good but AMG does it better.
    what language Im talking to u? bmw aint competitive anymore , they are comparing bmw with audi , not MB anymore. yes it is a weakness they dont provide competition to cars such as CLS CL…etc…or simply bmw does not have the balls to build a supercar , a four door coupe whatever serious they obviously cant..its 2009 not 1999… BMW M5 from Currency Motor , how many people drive that car? is that in production or what a show car , I wanna know sounds interesting never saw one anywhere is that another fantasy over tuned bmw V10 M5?…
    if u ask me bmw has no originality , almost every bmw looks the same , the interior is a copy and paste. simply it became boring for me

    • wazon says:

      C180 in basic version is great choice, is it? We bought all of our cars in Germany, I live less than 1 km from bord with Germany, so it’s not hard. I would really like to know, what is your point when you say that all AMG kicks M asses. Actually, M5e60 is a way better than E63AMG W211, isn’t it? M3 is better than C63AMG. You build your opinion mainly on showing examples of cars for which BMW don’t have competitors, but what follows from that?

      BMW M5 from Currency Sport is not fantasy, this car exists, doesn’t it? It has documented performence, so we can talk about it. This tuner proved that BMW is able to provide 7 gear gear-box that can manage with 1000Nm of torgue, something with achieving of MB has problems.

      Rost case in M-class, A-class, E-class W210 and electronics problems in A-class, C-class, S-class are well known cases. I don’t know why you deny it.

      I know that lack of originality is matter of taste and it’s hard case to disscuse about. But looking-the-same case is much easier to discuss. I don’t see much similarities between 3-er e90 and 5-er e60, interiors of both cars are different eighter. 7-er is not similar to any other. 1-er is unique eighter, Z4 was always different from other cars. 5GT has its own apperance. X6 is really original, like it or not, but it’s a first such SUV-coupe. X1 has not much in common with X3 or X5. On the other hand, MB C W203, E W211 and CLK looks almost the same. Lack of originality?

      • viper says:

        dude Im really getting sick and tired of this.
        for me MB is the daddy of all cars , once u drive in E class or S or SL u will never ever ever wish to sit in a bmw again , or drive bmw again , beacsue u already did that . u have to move on to better things in life. move on from bmw to mercedes is something everybody does , but from merc to bmw I have never heard that someone says shit about MB and complains about rost and electronics , never heard that , was reading about it though….who cares….
        BMW M5 from Currency Sport ? again I didnt ask u about documented performances I asked u how many people drive that car , have u seen that car on the streets?…that is such nonsense , lets just forget the whole story and move on.

  29. Ali Saadi yassen says:

    bullshet Viper , BMW the ultimate driving machine like noting else

    the best ever i have two 7er’s

  30. n8n says:

    YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!!

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