BMW says: “This is not the BMW eco concept going to the Frankfurt motor show”

Others | August 7th, 2009 by 12
bmw concept frankfurt

Well, so much for the excitement after seeing the spy photos of what seemed to be the BMW Concept car that will be revealed at Frankfurt Auto Show.

This is not actually the BMW eco concept to be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show, but a five-year-old design study, according to the company. A spokesman for BMW this morning told Autocar UK that it is a model being moved from the central design facility.

A late rumor showed up on the web yesterday when a source close to BMW stated that this could be one of the multiple design proposals, a full scale clay model, that is presented to the board before a final decision is made. As Autocar confirmed, this was a study case made to explore “different design directions and aerodynamics.”

bmw concept frankfurt 655x377

Knowing how well the BMW marketing machine works, it is not hard to believe that these photos might have been released to get some feedback from the BMW community or to create some buzz prior to the Frankfurt Auto Show. Did it work? Without a doubt….Are we a bit disappointed? Yes, since we have definitely fallen for it.

BMW still plans to release the eco-hybrid sports car at the IAA Show which most likely it will be the Vision Z Concept.

[Source: Autocar UK ]