Breaking: BMW Sports Car Concept Spotted

Spy Photos | August 5th, 2009 by 30

The fellows at Bimmerpost are breaking the news today: the upcoming BMW Sports Car Concept has been photographed for the first time.

Despite the cover, for the first time, we have the opportunity to see rumored BMW Sports Car Concept that will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Now, the question remains whether we’re looking at the M1 Concept Hybrid or the Z Vision Concept.

According to Dr. Draeger, the sports car concept will feature “sustainable design and material elements” and will feature the next generation efficiency technology.

Judging from these photos, we believe we’re seeing for the first time, the new grille style, upturned which was rumored to be featured on the 135i Supersports car. This Sports Car Concept is also a four-door model.

bmw2 655x354

We’ll be back with an update shortly, in the mean time, enjoy these photos since they seem to cover a spectacular new concept from BMW.

Update: According to sources close to BMW. this seems to be the Vision Z Concept. This could also be a case study since it’s on shipping blocks and temporary wheels. Also, the brake calipers and side mirrors are missing.

[Source: More Photos at Bimmerpost ]