Week 4: “BMW of the Week”

1 Series | August 3rd, 2009 by 5
bmw 135i coupe 4

We’ve been taking a break from our regular “BMW of the Week” articles, but we are back and we plan on doing this for a long time. As some of you, that have been with us for a while, might recall, a couple of months back, we started an official BMWBLOG Group on Flickr.com where everyone could upload their own BMW photos to it.

At this moment, there are almost 400 photos of your own bimmers and it’s growing every day. Our goal is to reach 1,000 within the next few months and eventually create the largest BMW photo gallery.

So let’s recap a little bit what we’ve done in the past. Week 1 winner trophy was awarded to not one, but three bimmers: 1987 E24 M6, 1992 E36 325iS and 1974 BMW 2002. In the second week, the award went to the previous generation E83 Z4 Roadster with some of the best scenery photos we have seen so far. Third week and the most controversial one, was all about this “funky” modded E36 BMW which went a bit over the top.

bmw 135i coupe 1 655x388

So…….the week four award for the most interesting BMW goes to…..Mohammed, one of our longest time readers here at BMWBLOG. Mohammed’s 135i Coupe is one of those bimmers that just stands out. Of course, the suspension upgrades help also, giving the car an even more aggressive stance, not that it ever needed.

We won’t reveal all the details about this 135i Coupe since we will give it an entire article very soon, showing the visual differences prior and after the upgrades.

In the mean time, enjoy the photos and please head over to our Flickr BMWBLOG Group and add some more.