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BMW M3 | July 31st, 2009 by 7
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Exactly two months ago, BMW announced the introduction of three BMW M3 Edition models which will be available at the end of July.  These individual …

Exactly two months ago, BMW announced the introduction of three BMW M3 Edition models which will be available at the end of July.  These individual M3s will have some modifications in body design and interior features, as well as special light-alloy wheels and a lower chassis.

The M3s will run in limited production for six months and they will be available in four distinct colors: Alpine White, Black, Dakar Yellow, and Monte Carlo Blue. The M3 Edition models will also sport the BMW Individual High-Gloss Satin Chrome.

European journalists have already got their hands on these new M3s and today, the fellows at Car Enthusiast UK are sharing with us the first review of the BMW M3 Edition:

bmw m3 edition 2009 029

In the Metal

Unlike many special editions, this M3 stands out. The most obvious signifiers are the black-gloss finished alloy wheels (actually not standard…), which, together with the black kidney grilles, side vents, bonnet vents, door mirrors and exhaust pipes, lend the M3 Coupé even more menace. The 10mm drop in ride height adds to this too no doubt.

Changes are minimal inside though, with a more tactile centre armrest material and unique leather sports seats complemented by body-coloured stitching elsewhere. Not that we found much wrong with the regular car’s cockpit.

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What you get for your Money

That £2,500 premium doesn’t buy you a lot in truth. The styling additions mark the Edition out as a more exclusive version of the M3, but the only technical change is the minor reduction in ride height already mentioned. Buyers have few options either, as the Edition is available only as a Coupé and can be painted in Alpine White, Dakar Yellow or Monte Carlo Blue. Pity the highly distinctive black alloys are not standard, as they look fantastic. Other than that, buyers can choose between manual and M-DCT dual-clutch transmissions. In summary, you’re paying for exclusivity.


7 responses to “Car Enthusiast reviews the BMW M3 Edition”

  1. viper says:

    if u ask me , Id stretch that car for about 20cm , make it wider 8cm , lower it down 3cm , put a whole new look , put a 5.0l V10 t t with 650hp and 800Nm , or put a V8 diesel with 400hp and 1000Nm and u have a SLR R8 Gallardo….Crusher , a leader in petrol and diesel engines super sports car

  2. Car Link says:

    I like that fact of exclusivity, Also BMW makes you feel like you are apart of the upper tier of society with exclusivity of its lower model cars..

    Love the Looks too

  3. Elio says:

    FUCK. That colour and the black accessories are pure PORN. Only a handful of cars have made me gasp recently, this being one and the Murcielago SV another.

  4. Gil says:

    The black glossy kidney grille is HOTTTT!!!!!

  5. BMfan says:

    Horatio, kindly ask BMW why they deny us the opportunity of buying M cars from the dealer here in NIgeria. I was told by an official of the dealer company that they will market X6M, so why not M3? I have an X6-the best BMW I have-but cant even order the 135i-not to talk of the M3-through them.

  6. Car Tuning says:

    The mods are great, but why not give it an extra power?

  7. Welc0me says:

    The m3 is a good car but the mustang craps all over it with its cheap price and handssome look.The bmws arnt the preatiest cars but if you want preaty go to a audi dealership. I think the bmws look like crap,but in my opinion the bmw m3 is the only one that looks sexy.The m3 is a car you should respect and I know it sounds like I am dising all over it but the mustang gt almost outdoes it with a cheaper price and its more fun to drive all around than the m3.But if you ask me what i think about other bmws I think there the uglyest european cars around besides the bentley continential witch looks way worse with those tiny swinted eyes, with that fat forhead.The bentley is a fat ass weighing in about 6,000 pounds witch is one big boy consitering its only a dam coupe.

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