BMW’s gone, who’s next?

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We decided to stay on the BMW/Formula 1 subject that made the headlines on all the auto publications and not only, around the world. By …

We decided to stay on the BMW/Formula 1 subject that made the headlines on all the auto publications and not only, around the world. By now many of you might have heard that BMW has decided to retire from the Formula 1 Championship at the end of this season.

The reasons are multiple, from the disappointing results this season to financial concerns. BMW will continue to be actively involved in other motor sports series and also to focus their efforts on consumer products and new technologies.

Of course, the announcement has shaken quite a bit the F1 world and a natural question has popped up: Who’s next?

P.S. Michael Schumacher is back, more on that soon!!!!

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Autocar UK has goes deeper into further rumors:

The news that BMW will quit F1 at the end of the 2009 season will send a chill wind blowing through the five-star corridors of the sport, inevitably calling into question the future plans of both Toyota and Renault in the longer term.

The news from Munich was certainly no surprise, coming barely six months since Honda quit the sport and sold their operation to Ross Brawn for a nominal fee. It’s too early to say whether the Sauber F1 operation at Hinwil – the Swiss core of the BMW F1 operation – will be spun off into a private team again in the same way, but the clear signal coming from Munich is that you just can’t rely on the major car manufacturers to have an open-ended commitment to the Grand Prix game.

Truth be told, one can see the whole texture and character of F1 changing significantly over the coming years. The fact that Jarno Trulli has been offered a one year extension to his Toyota contract raises inevitable speculation that they will follow rivals Honda out of the sport at the end of 2010.

Thankfully, Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix will have taken the sting out of any pressure for Mercedes to re-evaluate its F1 involvement, although their position is more complicated and deep rooted as they are shareholders in the McLaren group.

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3 responses to “BMW’s gone, who’s next?”

  1. mathis says:

    think renault and toyota are likely to follow suit—
    but Ferrari and McLaren will definetly stay not Schumacher will upgrade the whole F1 sensation until the end of the year ;-)

  2. Lance says:

    F1 without car manufacturers is a dead sport. I don’t want to be supporting some stupid non-car related teams like Brawn GP, Red Bull, and all these unrelated companies. Imagine having a Canon team or Sony team. It just doesn’t speal to me.

    Furthermore, the fact that Merc is a shareholderin McLaren should not be a hinder for them to leave. BMW owns its own team Sauber and still decided to quit. It would be even easier for Merc to sell its shareholdings as thy are doing worse as a company than BMW financially. F1 is no place to be for manufacturers anymore. Imagine only a Ferrari competing against other no name brands. How boring!

  3. viper says:

    toyota will follow , I hope Mercedes too , then the whole f1 will collapse…as for return of Schumi…..his biggest mistake yet , he is not competitable anymore what the hell is he thinking……its been a year now I dont follow F1….F1 SUCKS!

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