With just a few months before its official launch, the BMW X6 Hybrid has been spotted again in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Despite the fact that BMW has showcased the X6 Hybrid at several events, including the last one at X6 M International launch, the hybrid bimmer is still carrying some light camouflage.

Obviously the large Hybrid sticker on the side and back of the car gives it all away, but not that this vehicle was a highly guarded secret anymore. Our first encounter with the BMW X6 Hybrid took place at the L.A Auto Show in November 2008 and we absolutely loved the car displayed there.

While many of the X6 Hybrid design characteristics we have seen these transposed onto the production model also, there are still a few small changes, mostly up front, where the front bumper has been replaced by one found in the regular xDrive50i model.

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Obviously the BMW X6 Hybrid differentiates itself from the rest of the family with a focus on fuel savings/hybrid technology. The newer and “greener” X6 will utilize a dual-mode ActiveHybrid system, which has discrete modes for high-torque, low speed driving as well as for high-speed cruises.

The system uses a modular hybrid system which can be adapted to many different engine/vehicle combination, as opposed to a design-specific petrol engine/hybrid combination, which sees wider use in the automotive industry.

The two-mode hybrid uses about 20 percent less fuel than than a comparable vehicle with combustion engine. With the launch of a 7 Series Hybrid model as well, it will be interesting to follow their progress in the U.S. market and what the adoption rate will be. While the technology incorporated into the X6 Hybrid sounds fascinating, there is still a major concern regarding pricing which is expected to be higher than the top model xDrive50i.

The two hybrid models will launch later this year.

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[Source: xbimmers and Sully C5er ]