Our friends over at WheelSTO took the time to visit the always fascinating Tokyo, but all with a precise scope: to attend the what some may call, “the Oscars of the car modding world”. The Tokyo Import Show brings out some of the best tuning/modding companies in the world, along with a variety of high quality car parts manufacturers.

As the guys at WheelSTO said, three or four of the wheels displayed there combined together are worth more than a BMW 3 Series……a little nuts if you ask me.

Since we’re obviously focusing on the BMW branded cars, the photos posted below will reflect that. You will some cool bimmers from several companies: BBS, G-Power, Hamann, Vorsteiner and many others.

Those of you that enjoy these type of car shows, you will have a blast seeing the photos below. If you’re interested in seeing cars from other manufacturers as well, then feel free to visit the WheelSTO Flickr page.

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Don’t forget, if you have any cool BMW photos to share with us, please feel free to upload them to our BMWBLOG Flickr Group.