I am back from the BMW X6 M International Media event and I can certainly say that I had fun. Driving the new BMW X6 M has been the highlight of this year for me and I already look forward to more driving tests. Some of you might ask why the fixation with the X6 M? Well, as you might have seen by now, most of the BMW purists heavily oppose the idea of SUV/SAV Motorsport model. Many concerns and questions have been raised in the last months and beside building the first all-wheel drive SAV M, they were heavily under scrutiny for the decision to bring the first turbo engine in an M car. The 4.4 liter V8 engine produces 555 horsepower and a pretty darn cool sound.

Since I couldn’t really drive and shoot videos at the same time, I decided to leave the video taping job for the real professionals and enjoy more time behind the wheel of a BMW X6 M. I did attempt to shoot a short video during the race track laps I have had with BMW’s X6 M engineer and test driver, Bernd Limmer.

So, let’s go ahead and focus on some video content now from Youtube and as usual, we would appreciate to hear your opinion on this new car.

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