Bloomberg: BMW May Use 4-Cylinder Engines in the U.S.

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When President Obama announced the new fuel economy standards in the U.S., we wrote an interesting article in which we pointed out some of the …

When President Obama announced the new fuel economy standards in the U.S., we wrote an interesting article in which we pointed out some of the reasons why BMW is and will be positioned well for the 2012 deadline.

Those of you that might not remember, the new rules for fuel efficiency and emissions will require require all automakers selling automobiles in the U.S. to increase fleet fuel efficiency by 5% PER YEAR starting in 2012. As we said back then, BMW is in a fairly decent position at this point with the introduction of two new diesel models in the U.S., 335d and X5d, part of the EfficientDynamics program, but in order to comply with the new rules, some new engine additions will be needed. Two of them will be the upcoming BMW 7 Series Hybrid and the X6 ActiveHybrid SAC.

Last year we learned that BMW is analyzing the strategy of bringing four cylinder engines to the U.S. market. These fuel efficient, but still powerful engines, have been demanded by many BMW consumers for quite some time now. Unfortunately no one within BMW Group will officially confirm these news, so the rumors are starting to float around more and more.

bmw four cylinder engine main630 0427 630x360

Bloomberg feeds the rumormill with some information obtained from BMW USA’s Vice President of Engineering, Tom Baloga, who offered them a short interview. Even though Mr. Baloga does not confirm any of their allegations, some details in the interview might lead towards the conclusion that BMW is looking into bringing those much wanted four cylinder powerplants in the U.S.

“BMW will have a harder time meeting the tougher standards than most companies because it has a smaller vehicle lineup and focuses on compact, powerful models, Baloga said.” Our conclusion from that quotes is that some important changes need to be made in their line-up and the most logical solution will be the introduction of four cylinder engines across several models. From what we learned in the past, the BMW 1 and 3 Series are the prime candidates, but we can’t also exclude the new X1 which will launch late next year in the U.S. and also the upcoming, redesigned BMW X3.

There is also the possibility of bringing more fuel efficient diesel engines and we spoke in the past about prime candidates in the 1 Series line-up(123d), but nothing official from BMW and at this point all these allegations are labeled by us as rumors.

Feel free to head over to Bloomberg for more information on this, but keep in mind that no one is really confirming any of these news. Of course, as soon as we hear more, you will be the first to know.

11 responses to “Bloomberg: BMW May Use 4-Cylinder Engines in the U.S.”

  1. LBoogy says:

    This is just perfect! Just what this country needs, BMW making 4 banngas without sacrificing power. Just think, the next M3, due out 2014, could be a 4 cyl. with twin turbos… WOW!

  2. JETninja says:

    Only a percentage of models need 4 cly’s. Next M3 will be Turbo, but not for MPG sake. All those small turbo engine has better mpg then competitor NA are pretty much false. Little blurb about it in last months C&D, across 3 classes NA’s all had better MPG. (which is a bummer Turbos!)

    I have a DD ex NASA E36 M3, one of my kids has a tricked out (M3 bumper, mirrors, LTW Rep Wing, Coilovers, etc) E36 318is….and his is a blast to drive. Sure, I miss the HP, but momentum cars are fun too! And the MPG are a lot better then my M!

  3. mauro corti says:

    well i think that us people have to understand that on the 95% of the time you drive a car, you do it in the traffic, at normal speed, with no hurry, so 4 cyl are extremely good because they have enough power to have fun and a really good fuel efficency

  4. L1ndja says:

    This isnt a rumor guys.This is true.In the next years you’ll see most of cars introduced to America will with be 4cylinder engines.Just think about it,if bmw isnt going to use 4cylinder engines then what?

  5. Artmic says:

    all i can say is FUCK YOU Al Gore, and the rest of the stupid fanatics that think our cars are causing global warming, or Climate change, or whatever fucking idiotic thing the news media invented to bullshit people.

    Why don’t you all just take a look at the % of CO2 in the atmosphere, and then the % of our CO2 Contribution to that, if you do, you will never think we are causing any global warming or climate change.
    But i guess most people are too stupid and lazy to give a fuck to do their own research. They see shit on tv, so it must be “TRUE”.

    • Doug says:

      Why is it that all criticism of environmental efforts and policy are grounded in political contempt and not science? I’m constantly running across folks on online forums that fight the good fight under the flag of someone else’s agenda. There’s an amazing lecture on how this happened; go watch the analysis “the american denial of global warming” on youtube.

      Directly to your argument, this*is* a relatively small contribution of the world’s CO2, unfortunately while small in proportion it’s massive in relation to the earth’s ability to process it in this extremely short period of time. It tips the scales enough to not only have large consequences in the environment directly (eg, small degree changes, polar ice caps, etc) but accelerate a global environmental change that we will not be able to reverse even with the actual reductions in CO2. Don’t forget that while we reduce CO2 (etc) emissions, the ability of the environment to process these pollutants is also changing and not in a direction that’s helpful.

      fractino of a Fahrenheit degree has large consequences

      • Doug says:

        guh… disregard the last line. Horatiu, is there any way we can have edit capability, or a larger text-editing box?

    • Lance says:

      I cannot believe we still have people like Artmic that is so ignorant about this global problem. I blame it on the lack of education (or maybe this is just a once off case). Most people and companies around the world are realising this serious environmental problem. Like Doug said, if everyone do their small little bit, a huge difference will be made in total. This is not a joke!

      4 cylinder engines are the way to go. America – being one of the world’s most resistant countires on CO2 reduction, would just have to start cutting down on their emission in order to be more sustainable. The American public is definately becoming more aware of this problem and with the help of companies, it is possible to be more sustainable.

      If you go outside America, the mentality of a V8 muscle car is so 80’s with those unrefined engine noises and cheap body tin metal. .. yet, it’s viewed as being cool in America. This is the 21st century – we value efficiency and sustainable living.

      Furthermore, to correct Artmic this is not a political issue…it’s a sustainability issue. Politicians may use them to target more environmentally aware voters, just like compaies targeting their customers. You can say that it’s a business issue as well then.. the fact of teh matter is taht it’s regading the future of our earth and future generations. Start reading more and if you do more research, you would have seen that the CO2 in recent decades have increased by more than 10 folds due to industrialisation and increased living standards. So before you tell someone else to do more research, try doing yours first. And most people are not stupid, people have brains to decide whether what they’re watching on TV is “shit” or not by evaluating against other sources. People who couldn’t care less about the earth and sustainable living are probably from the PAST, living in denial. Most will think of them as scums on earth…. probably wishing they could just flick them into space, out of this earth.

  6. jkp says:

    @Artmic: There are plenty of reasons why we should celebrate a BMW decision to pursue more fuel efficient engines (while, hopefully, still offering an ‘ultimate driving machine’.) None of those reasons have to do with Al Gore or climate change. All of them have to do with the fact that by purchasing oil, we are directly or indirectly supporting a host of regimes, from Iran to Venezuela, run by tin-pot fascists that seek to harm our country.

    Such a transition can’t be done overnight, and it’s possible that we will always be depending on some amount of oil for various purposes (providing lubrication for electric motors, if nothing else.) What is clear is that the less we burn, the more money we save, and the better off our country is politically, militarily and economically.

    Artmic, what is disappointing is that folks like you have made any intelligent discussion of this and other issues impossible. Anyone who disagrees gets a hearty “fuck you” in place of any reasoned argument. As the numbers involved in the discussion have increased, the maturity level of political discussion in the USA (and, to be fair, other parts of the world,) has clearly gone downhill. Anyone who disagrees with us is obviously evil, evil, evil, evil. Bush is Hitler. Obama is Stalin. And so on.

    William Tecumseh Sherman put it best:

    “Vox populi? Vox humbug!”

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