Another week ,another surprise for you. We just came back from the M School in Spartanburg and we are heading back south, this time, first stop in Atlanta for the International Media Launch of the BMW X6 M. Journalists from all over the world have gathered in the sunny, warm Atlanta to attend the official launch of BMW’s first all-wheel drive M car, the BMW X6 M.

While we had the opportunity to see the car live at the NYC Auto Show, we have been eager even since then to drive the powerful X6 M. Well, our patience paid off and tomorrow morning, we’re jumping into a brand new BMW X6 M and head down to Road Atlanta race track for the test drive event.

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Exciting day ahead of us and we promise we will document each step of this new adventure and bring you the latest news. Then on Wednesday, we are heading back to Spartanburg to tour the expansion of the BMW Manufacturing Plant, the home of the new X3.  And another surprise for you, we will receive a preview of one of the most controversial BMWs built in the last years: the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

We’re actually very excited to see the new 5 GT since it has been a car that has grown on us and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing it in person. And as usual, you can follow us on for real time updates and also for more photos, on