Exterior colors available for the BMW X1

BMW X1 | July 3rd, 2009 by 12
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BMW launched yesterday their X1 minisite and we poked around to see what’s new. The BMW Joy campaign is pretty much present on all their marketing materials, but that wasn’t something we were interested today.

What we wanted to find out for you were the exterior colors available for the X1. So far, we knew that Marrakech Brown is an exclusive color for the X1, then we saw the now classic and beautiful Alpine White, but all the others were still an unknown for us.

Courtesy of one of our reader, Ignace, we are able to show you the entire palette, with some shades more exciting than others.

So without any further ado, let’s enumerate them: Black non-metallic, Black Sapphire metallic, Titanium Silver metallic, Deep Sea Blue metallic, Vermilion Red metallic, Space Grey metallic, Cashmere Silver metallic, Graphite Blue metallic , Tasman metallic and Sparkling Bronze metallic.

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And since we always like to state our favorite color, this time we’ll go with the Vermilion Red metallic, for some reason, the design lines are more obvious and accentuated by this color and that makes it our first choice.