Even though many of the auto journalists and car fans are already starting to compare the BMW X1 to Audi’s upcoming Q3, we are going to take a different approach and actually compare it against the Q5.

The reason for that is that X1 jumped into the BMW line-up as an entry level SAV, a replacement for the current X3 which will relaunch next year with a new design and larger size.

By taking the  proportions of the first generation X5, the X3 has left an empty spot that BMW has quickly filled it with the new compact SAV X1. As you will see in our short comparison, the exterior dimensions of the two cars are close to each other and since we don’t have the specifications of the future Q3 model, this will have to do for now.

Exterior Dimensions

The BMW X1 measures 175.35 inches (4,453 mm) in length, while the Audi Q5 measures 182 inches(4,622 mm). The width different is even less, 74 inches(1,879 mm) for the Q3 and 70.78 inches(1,798 mm) for the X1. In height, the Audi Q3 measures 65.1  inches(1,653 mm), while the X1 stops the measuring tape at 60.82 inches(1,545 mm).

bmw x1 audi q3 02 655x245

The difference between the two cars shortens even more when we are looking at the wheelbase length. The X1 has a wheelbase of 108.6 inches and the Q5, 110 inches.

Even though we don’t have the ground clearance exact dimensions, judging by these photos, we can clearly see that this is an area that the Q5 differentiate itself more from the X1. The Q5 gives more an impression of an SUV, while the X1 stands out as a combination between a Touring and SAV model.


Since only the X1 German pricing is available at this time, we will going to compare them against the German edition of the Q5. And here is where the two cars start to differentiate more. The 34,400 euros X1 xDrive20d could be compared to the Q5 2.0 TDI which has a base price of 38,800, a significant difference that tells us that we’re looking at two different classes..

The most expensive X1 model is the gasoline powered xDrive28i with a price of 41,500 euros. In contrast, the high-end 3.2 FSI Q5 stops the money count at 46,900 euros.

The conclusion that can be drawn from here is that the two cars are not meant to go head-to-head against each other and that they indeed target different customers. When the Q3 will be out, we should have better metrics and be able to make a more fair assessment.

And to spice up things even more, we decided to make some comparative photos of the BMW X1 and Audi Q5, hoping that we will get your input as well.