2011 335i GT confirmed by BMW

3-Series | July 3rd, 2009 by 28
bmw 3 series gt

What started as a rumor nearly two years ago, it has became reality: BMW will introduce a new model in the 3 Series family: 335i …

What started as a rumor nearly two years ago, it has became reality: BMW will introduce a new model in the 3 Series family: 335i GT, short for Gran Turismo. Following the steps of the recent released BMW 5 Series GT and the newly confirmed 1 Series GT, the BMW 335i GT will hit the showrooms in 2011.

Internally dubbed as V3 or Progressive Activity Coupe, the 335i GT is based on the new, slightly longer and cost efficient modular platform that will be used in the new  3 Series models, a platform that can be stretched or shrunk based on the vehicle.  335i GT sports a rear-end combination between a touring and a shooting brake model. The 3 Series GT will not feature the flexible trunk arrangement, but instead settling for a traditional trunk which provides increased  flexibility. The customer will be able to lift the glass area for easy storage and then have full use of a tailgate, as you would have in an SAV or Touring.

The BMW 335i GT will provide increase personal luxury, something we’re currently seeing in the 5 Series GT. It will also offer back seat personalization, an optional bench or individual seating. 3 Series GT will receive the full Panoramic roof stretch from the front windscreen to the rear screen increasing the space.

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Sources talk about the 335i GT as being a very dynamic car that could be considered an alternative to the Touring model, but with a more personal feeling attach to it.

The 3 Series GT vehicles will be powered by the award winning 3.0 liter six cylinder turbo gasoline and diesel engines, but additional powerplants will be offered in different markets. BMW’s upcoming four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine is expected to be offered as an option as well.

The BMW 335i GT will be competing with the upcoming 2010 Audi A5 Sportback, a five-door configuration concept much sleeker than traditional Audi Avant wagons.

The first prototypes will start the testing on public roads in September and even though not confirmed at this time, rumors say that BMW might showcase the 3 Series GT as a concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

[Source: Edmunds | Photo Rendering: Modtor ]

28 responses to “2011 335i GT confirmed by BMW”

  1. Fastlane says:

    Love this render…

    It looks so sporty and sleek.

  2. Ed S. says:

    Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh.

  3. Carlos Perez says:

    Sick reder hope it turns out this way

  4. AutoCritical says:

    First, I would like to say that it does look pretty cool. Then I would like to say at the same time it does look funny when you see how it’s been made of X1 body parts. I like the front fascia on this better than the X1 as it seems to be ‘leaning’ back more.

    So where is the girl on the beach? (ala X1 teasers!)

    NOTE: not sure about the ‘C and D’ pillars on a 3 series! haha

  5. Giom says:

    Well, that didn’t take long for the X1 to be photo chopped. I’m surprised that it was chopped into a 3 series GT, but it works. It does look nice. But I doubt wether the windowsill will curve up towards the rear a la X1.

    Opinion: BMW is receiving a lot of flack for these GT offsprings (just read any comment on any web site or blog that is not from a BMW perspective). But I see BMWs point. The world is changing. It’s evolving all the time, and if you don’t change with it, you get left behind. It has happend to the British motor industry starting in the seventies. They were at the top of their game up to that point. But the mentality of “If it aint broken, we won’t fix it!” cost them dearly.

    GM is a more recent case in point. It is however interesting that the Germans receive more crits than any other country for their weird and pointless niches. Think Porshe. Some believed that the Cayenne would be the end of them. Now some believe that the Panamera is a step too far. But it isn’t! Both BMW and Porshe are exploring uncharted terretory for their respective marques, and this is what it will take to stay ahead and not sink like most others.

    Just an opinion…

  6. jason says:

    will there still be a coupe and a tournig version of the 3er?

  7. Artmic says:

    Since this render looks too awsome, 90% sure thing the real thing will be nothing but a station wagon. lol

  8. Lance says:

    Why don’t they then stop production of the Touring, because who is going to buy a touring then??? Very nice picture using the X1 as the base… why then did they make a flop of the X1 that looks like a loaf of bread from the front?

  9. Vaybach Khan says:

    IT LOOKS SICK GOOD…man bmw should make just gts cause nobody gonna take some regular car sedan over this gts…i love the whole idea

  10. Lariv says:

    That is a cool rendering.

  11. Kodey says:

    I love this, The grill for me is one of most important attributes that Bmw has to get perfect, I love the in this rendering. Its slick, Slanted and goes in flow with the hood lines i love it!

  12. tony says:

    DOnt get me wrong,BUt i like the way it carries it self,I hope bmw wont shoot them self in the wrong leg.
    It actually looks pertty good.Is this a rendering?or offitually frm BMW???

  13. Josh B says:

    i like it, i really really like it.
    Slick and sexy for a station wagon, Audi looks to be in real danger here in something i personally felt they exceled in above BMW…..

  14. LBOOGY says:

    That car looks hot as hell !

  15. Jim Chang says:

    really nice render..

  16. annu621 says:

    Hot! That’s a great looking rendering.

  17. bunker says:

    please, PLEASE tell them to make it look like this. PLEASE.
    HO. LEE. SH*T.
    I’ll take 2.

  18. Rad Dockery says:

    that rendering is HOT. much more aggressive and sexier than the 5 Series GT

  19. ruthlessmind says:

    HOLY GRAND TOURISMO, BATMAN! I’ve owned two 3-series, but this is one worth selling my soul for. Speaking of which, has anyone see the devil lately? He won’t return my text messages…

  20. Sbusiso says:


    When does this new 335i going to be released and when does it going to be in South Africa?


  21. Job says:

    I am looking forward to replace my 3-series with this 3-GT.

  22. Ankit Haria says:

    The front really looks eye catching & fleshy !!

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