BMW Rumors: What is really going on behind the scenes

Rumors | June 23rd, 2009 by 11
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From time to time, BMW’s communication department steps in and clarifies some of the rumors floating out there and today, Scott27 decided to share with …

From time to time, BMW’s communication department steps in and clarifies some of the rumors floating out there and today, Scott27 decided to share with us some things that happen behind the scenes in the BMW world.

Of course, coming from a marketing person, there is always that small doubt if it’s simply a propaganda or the information is genuine. We’re happy though that we learned a few new interesting things about BMW’s future plans, so we will let you read it further:

Rumor Control
There has been a lot of media regarding what projects have been axed in definitely because of the economic downturn. Here is what the media says about BMW and what is really going on behind the scenes.

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GT lightweight four-door coupé – BMW Concept CS. : CANCELLED
M1 supercar – Production M1 Hommage. : CANCELLED
GT2 (the Z8 replacement) : CANCELLED
GT3 (based on next 3-series) -Next Z4 Coupe : HIATUS
X7, Seven seater luxury SAV with V12. : CANCELLED
X4 coupé Sport Activity Sedan : HIATUS
1-series shooting brake, : ACTIVE
6-series shooting brake : CANCELLED.

Yes we know about the demise of the beautiful CS Concept something I had hoped would have made it to production. Although the V12 was to power the range topper the M Division had plans for a ballistic high performance version of the V12 in which the car which would have been designated BMW 7er Gran Turismo, would have been a serious performance flagship for BMW.

The M1 Hommage was purely intended for a design exercise only but BMW began to investigate if people would get their check books out for a limited production version powered by either the V8 from the M3 or the incoming V8 Turbo found with the X5/X6 M models.
When you separate demand from the dreamers there was no specific case for a strategy.

BMW have always had one concept in mind for a replacement for a Z8 – The California Spyder Project which made it through the final stages but abandoned for the CS Concept. A Gina style resurrection is on the cards as BMW will show the car in the run up something exciting and highly relevant today , for tomorrow . The California Spyder was a “0” emisssions vehicle as it was purely based on the hydrogen 7.

Whether or not BMW add a Z4 Coupe to the E89 is all dependent on sales response , the previous coupe was introduced to increase sales to the Z4 E85. Now with the two both combined as both a Roadster and Coupe , the need for a coupe model has been diminished. Although a Coupe was created alongside the E89 it offered nothing new designwise except a fixed roof. Sales of the new Z4 have been exceptional so do not expect a return for a Z4 Coupe.

X7 was purely abandoned on the basis that the X5 does the same job , and that a larger premium SAV was the last thing BMW needed to get involved with. The X5 is adequate to be the top line BMW SAV.

As part of the interesting design Concepts BMW intended for a sister vehicle to accompany the X3 to take a new niche and a new approach in defying the conventional approach to an SAV. So the Sport activity Sedan was designed – a commanding driving position with a semi sedan shape was certainly unique and interesting , about the size of a 3er with a very sculpted body and SAV typical road height it would have been interesting to see it in public.

As part of the current move to focus on the compact segment , the segment which will be completely about growth , there are many variations on the new modular structure of the next 1er under discussion for inclusion to broaden the appeal of the 1er for new customers.
And that includes investigating new vehicle trends and specifically identifying customers needs of what they would would consider in the compact segment.

The GT 6 will be identified by the next generation 6er about 2014.
An additional Shooting Brake has now been terminated in favor of the unique four door coupe configuration.

They are now with the F10 M5. BMW guys still say they are evaluating two engine options. The first one would be the same engine as the M SUVs, but with a few tricks just to say it is an exclusive engine for the M5 and so on. The second one is a radical version, a TT V10, which would give the car impressive numbers, be sure. Knowing as I know how BMW make things up, I would put my money on the same TT V found on the M SUVs, but who knows. Expect for example a new M gearbox to debut with the new M5, and don´t expect to found the KERS on it, since the latest months, BMW is not saying anything about this.

Two engines have been developed and are currently being evaluated either in prototypes on on the bench. No decision has been made because the overall decision relies on what is best for the car.
a KERS system will be a feature exclusive to the M5 and there will be a big noise about this because it is a connection to BMW’s Efficient Dynamics programme.

There won´t be M7, BMW´s top end car is and will be the M6 Cabrio, but BMW has talked to Alpina, and we may see an Alpina B7 S based on the TT V12 debuted on the 760i.

The super luxury performance sedan segment will be in the hands of ALPINA.

The new M5 will debut as a production ready model (possibly) at Frankfurt in 2011. and go on sale after. A V6 engine is not official and is purely put out there for debate but since this is BMW they will investigate all options – only if it is right for the product.

Rolls-Royce has never been about extreme power and it never will , although the next generation of Phantom is now commenced , The engine will use an updated V12 found in the Ghost. The new V12 has flexibility in it’s options so it can be upgraded to cope with a car the size of the Phantom. A V16 in the current climate is insane , Rolls-Royce are now beginning to progress the sustainability of the RR product line be investigating in Hybrid drivetrains – far more relevant than a V16. The Ghost has been trialled using the same Hybrid set-up as it’s 7er sister whether it will go into production or not is uncertain, but RR are investigating further hybrid solutions for the future of Rolls-Royce.”

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