BMW 5 Series GT spotted in a black color

Spy Photos | June 21st, 2009 by 7

After the recent 5 Series GT unveiling, BMW dropped their funky camouflage on the 5GT prototypes and these vehicles can be seen around several cities across Europe. Some of these GT models are used for exclusive presentations, while others are simply driven by BMW executives.

A daily reader of our BimmerToday blog, identified by the name Pousa13, has spotted the upcoming BMW 5 Series GT in Germany. We’re still a few weeks away until we might see the 5GT ourselves, but in the mean time, we have been keeping us entertained with the multiple spy photos posted on here.

And the general consensus lately is that the 5GT….doesn’t look as bad as many believed it will. We noticed that most our readers after seeing some of the most recent spy shots have started to believe in this project and actually embrace the idea of this non-conventional 5 Series model.

gt5 655x491

And we agree, after seeing those spy shots showing the 5GT in that white color, we started to dig it and it has definitely grown on us. We still find it odd that we love the 7 Series in darker colors, while we prefer the white painted 5GT. Weird, right?

At the end, let’s see what Pousa13 had to say about the car:

Even if the new 5-GT at first sight is a bit plump, the total design is consistent. The front is much higher and bigger than you think  and displays in any case a large presence.

Even if the GT is in the same line as the R-Class from Mercedes, it’s clearly more consistent and dynamic than the competition in Stuttgart. The rear is also very high…

The 5 Series GT will have its international debut next month and the official unveiling will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show.